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I guess i misread something here then. Sorry for that. Anyway, lets continue with the subject.

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Originally written by The_Nazgul:
Bah, singleton is easier. At least for me.

:eek: In what way Is a singleton easier? Sure, you gain more experience, but you still have only one PC taking and dealing damage.

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In many ways!
First and most importantly, you dont have to worry about controlling other 3 characters. Saves time and mind exercise. Take the slith ghost-spawning platforms level for example. It is much easier to hide'n seek through the corridors with one character than four.Your character increases leves faster.Your character gets all the best items around, you dont need to distribute the best equipment. (This makes the character VERY powerfull.)You save gold and food (Not sure about the food.)You don't gave to protect 4 characters, only one. Sometimes it's a pain when you are winning with one character and another one is receiving a beating behind and you must waste energy or disingage(sp?) to help him. With one character you just waste one heroic brew and you are ready to handle anything.Cool, I used the list code, can't remember the last time I used it. :cool:

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However, if you die, that's it. Unless you save before walking around a corner every time. The same applies to paralysis, heavy slow and curses, and getting walled in by strong monsters. You can often cover your escape and rescue at least one character, walk into town and resurrect the others, and then go back in to recover your items (they get saved in BoA). With a singleton, you have to restore the save file. :P (Although which sane soul doesn't do that upon getting three out of four PCs killed?)

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That's why I love GF and Avernum 4's quicksave/quickload!

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