Stuck in A Large Rebellion

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AuthorTopic: Stuck in A Large Rebellion
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I'm stuck in Nout with no ship to leave on and no blacksmith around to hitch a ride with only someone named Otto who does'nt want to go back.
Is there a way to end this scenario?

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I think the scenairo itself has some bugs here and there. I haven't seen an updated version of it, as of late, but the person who made it said that he fixed the bugs, but the updated version isn't on the SW website for some reason. If you really want to leave the scenairo, just use the Character Editor and pull yourself out of it. As for leaving within, I think you leave from one of the docks in the starting town, not too sure though.

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There is a walkthrough in the readme file that helps you get started here. You need to find some townsperson' earring and then you get a ride to the next stage. Start by talking to someone on the guard tower.

I just (almost) finished this scenario. I have finished all of the misssion, but I cannot get out of the scenario. I return by boat to the original town and go to the end of the dock but 'Otto gets mad' and won't take me. Any help here?

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If you're walking with Otto (ME!!! :P ) you should drop him off at the camp in the deep (You should get there from the vahnatai realm or the end of the Red Dragon Realm). Coz he's bounty-hunted he doesn't want to travel to the heart of the empire lands.

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