Mad Ambition - The fight in the fort!

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AuthorTopic: Mad Ambition - The fight in the fort!
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I am in the part where I got imprisoned in the fort nephilim took, and I get to a fight against Chica and some nephilim, I killed all the nephilim, but I can't hit Chica and she can't hit me. What should I do? My char can't use magic, but I have used the firebolt wand I found from one of the corpses.

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If this is the fight I think it is, you need to poison yourself.

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Really? That makes no sense. How does that work? I am stuck at the same point and I will try that. Thank you.
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Originally written by Venom:

Really? That makes no sense. How does that work?
If you look at the messages that appear in the status window, you'll notice that she drains your status effects. Haste yourself, and at the end of the round you get unhasted and she gets hasted instead. Bless yourself, you get unblessed and she gets blessed. So if you poison yourself...

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By the way, it says at the bottom that she "tries to purge" the poison. Does her shade die of the actual poison, or energy spent trying to purge it? Or both?

I'm not sure if that fight was even fair; all of a sudden, you're fighting this invincible ghost and all a player thinks he/she can do is pull the party out of the scenario because of some imaginary "bug." Perhaps there should have been an explaination on "monsters who can absorb conditions" earlier in the game. It would have made that battle seem less arbitrary and more fulfilling. ;)

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I agree. It was nearly impossible to figure out and most people don't bother to notice anything other than the immediate action in those type of situations.
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What made me suspicious were all those poison potions that popped up. I started wondering what TM wanted me to use them for...

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Yes, an interesting idea, but poorly executed. I almost thought the potions were TM's way of mocking my inability to kill Chica, as if saying "go kill yourself". Or, just useless treasure.

The only reason I had an idea of what to do was that I'd seen a help topic here.

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I thought of the poison potions also, but as I did not haste, heal, or do whatever to myself, I failed to notice the messages.

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