Scenario Storyboard Contest?

AuthorTopic: Scenario Storyboard Contest?
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This is a cross-post in several places - you'll understand why when you read it....

We have a lot of people out there with good story ideas that will never develop a scenario. Not enough time, lack of programming skills, etc.

What about a contest where people designed a storyboard for a scenario? You know, the pencil & paper stuff, like the story, the dialog, descriptions of the land and cities, etc.

The best of these could be turned into scenarios by those authors that have the programming abilities at a later date.

While those of us in the community right now would probably not enjoy playing these scenarios as much as one who never read the "script," future members of the community would greatly benefit.

It might also inspire a writer to go the extra step and actually program the darn thing!

It also may help existing authors who "storyboard as they go," giving them a new way to approach scenario development.

Obviously we need to flesh this out if you think it's a good idea.


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This sounds like an excellent idea... far too many ideas get thought up but never get scripted. I'd be happy to help, if there's any way I can.

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I agree. A lot of ideas are wasted. There would have to be a web-site, or at least a forum category for this to be implemented to any efficiency however.

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Overwhelming once had a forum on the BoAC (I remember cause I was a mod). MHe stopped it cause not many people were using it. Maybe he could host this?

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I'm sure The Lyceum would host it.

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I posted a VERY expanded set of qualifications at the BoE forum's topic.

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