Plagues and Civilization Destroying Stuff.

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AuthorTopic: Plagues and Civilization Destroying Stuff.
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This is to promote the idea of really destructive effects and how they are described in Avernum.

In avernum there are several super nasty plagues which happen.

So far we have:

1) Environmental toxins-- Valley of the Dying Things.

2) Undead invasions-- Diplomacy With The Dead.

3) Demonic Invasions-- Cresent Valley, Backwater Calls, Lost Basshikava

4) Avernum-- Vahnati Plagues-- Disease, Drugs-- Skribbane, and Monster Invasions.

5) Spirit Created Genocide-- A Perfect Forest.

6) Barbarian Slith Invasions-- Za Khazi Run

7) Civil War-- A Small Rebellion

8) Political Corruption-- Xerch'de

Let me see. These are pretty standard. I am looking for some new themes.

Civilization collapse because of overuse of resources-- salinization, desertification, dead farm land, over fishing, cannibalism, overpopulation. ( I hope there is some of this in the next Slith homeland adventure.)

Having your characters give terrible diseases to the natives you are visiting by accident or design because you are from civilization.

Horrible mutant destructive things-- slime invasion. Mutant things.

Ruins of old civilizations which contain terrible things-- quickfire, radioactive waste, bonewater dust-- barrels of super toxic dust which wipes out farmland, poisons water and leaves a heavy acidic residue.


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Wasting your time and mine looking for a good laugh.

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Originally written by Toasted Basilisk on a Shish Kebab:

2) Undead invasions-- Dealing With The Dead.

Don't you mean Diplomacy With the Dead?
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If you're going to post a list of new themes you'd like to see explored, at least edit out the ones you called "standard" a few lines above it. For example, you list magical toxic waste and civil war in both the "standard stuff" categories and the "new themese" categories.

Better, though, might be to recognize that's there's nothing new under the sun - at least in terms of plot... the execution, style, characters, and sideline items make or break a scenario. Every plot is old. Really, really old. Like pre-invention-of-writing old.

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Just because I feel like being stingy, it's Xerch'de.

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If you are talking about plagues that actually have a detrimental effect on Ermarian's civilization in general, then A Perfect Forest doesn't really qualify. It is about an isolated isle, with an isolated tribe of Nephilim, who do not even know there is another world around them.
As an example of genocide/ethnic cleansing, the non-human extermination campaigns waged by the Empire would be far more applicable.

But some of these ideas are fairly interesting.

bonewater dust
What about clingfire? :P

There's really only so much you can invent, though. Most of these disasters strike at/through either of these things:

- Humans (and sentient races)
- Environment
- Magic, for lack of a better world.

Your ideas are mostly concerned with the first two, or both. I'm surprised magical pollution and magical exhaustion of resources hasn't been considered. I wonder what effect it would have if, say, every idiot and their dog were able to cast minor spells (with wands, scrolls, etc.) Would we see some kind of pollution of arcane "particles"? "Aura"? Does a spell leave residue? This residue might not even affect the environment, but only other mages. Perhaps spell-casting becomes more difficult or more risky...

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