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AuthorTopic: Background items in Avernum
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These are some thoughts on Worldbuilding in BOA-- small details which could be fleshed out. These are the majority items. The louvre has other items.

Maybe I am overposting... :P

1) Livestock-- I've noticed that there are basically four livestock animals-- giant lizards, cave cows (green cows), chickens, and sheep. No pigs, no goats. Maybe goblins raise rats to eat-- not sure about this. There is no cheese from the livestock only meat. Maybe Troglodytes eat the spiny worms they raise.

2) Transport animals-- horses and giant lizards.
Portals and small boats. I'd like to see a
large boat. The empire is supposed to have

3) Food-- basically fish, steak, greens, dried meat, and bread. Also apples and pears. Specialty foods include cake and deli sandwiches.
How about a piece of chocolate cake.

4) Agriculture-- apple trees and pear trees, crop rows of wheat, corals for sheep and cows. Maybe I can have some grapes.

5) Hunted animals- wolves, bears, ursagi, worgs, and rats produce animal skins to sell. Drakeskin is used to make gloves, boots, and armor. However, I have never gotten a drakeskin when I kill a drake.

5) Pets-- small lizards, dogs, and cats. Maybe an imp as a familiar. Maybe someone has a pet chicken somwhere.

6) Drugs-- soporific herbs, beer, wine, gremlin wine, ale, skribbane, poppy shrooms. Maybe I could be a teetotaler and have some juice or milk at the bar. There is also green tea, but no coffee in Avernum.

7) It would be interesting to see a few things added-- maybe a mill for wheat, a brewery, etc. might be interesting. A few of the common buildings are temple, shop, armory, farmhouse, mine, wizardry school, alchemy farm, general store, town hall, library, storage area for grain and food, etc. I liked the lighthouse in Cresent Valley and border guardpost in Canopy.

Add a bit of variety.

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I have several graphics in there, including a chocolate cake, a wedding cake, and several other foods.

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However, I have never gotten a drakeskin when I kill a drake.
Probably because youve already stabbed it full of holes

I might have a go at making cutlery for tables or something...or maybe different weeds, I dunno

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They might not even have coffee in Ermarian. Where woud that stuff grow - are there any suitable climates?
But perhaps they have some kind of tea that has the same effect...

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Some scenarios might not happen in Ermaria.

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I seem to remember that you can buy coffee at an inn somewhere in Valorim. But I can't be bothered to search the whole continent again... does anyone else remember this?

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I remember the innkeeper who talks about coffee, but shouldn't be. I don't know how it was done in A3, but in E3 you had to ask about coffee.
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OK, so it turns out I had nothing better to do this weekend than crawl the length and breadth of Valorim, searching for a good cup of coffee.

Rita, in Dellston, sells coffee.

EDIT: In A3, ask her "is this your place" and then "any chance we could stay the night". In E3, just ask her about place and she offers coffee. Apologies this is getting a bit off topic, BOA-wise.

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Food: Apple Pie, and Vapour Rats for Nephil.

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Also for nephils: Bat wings (From New Cotra-A3)

I don't know if this is related but I seem to remember that Brett had a list of possible buildings/shops that would be in Cities.

It was made for BOE but it could easily work with BOA.

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