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Thank you PoD person.

PoD person wrote:
From what I understood from one of those rebuilt editor threads (and it wasn't much, mind you), custom sounds for windows would require screwing with the BoA app itself, as opposed to the ancillary files.
That's right. The sound resource should be pushed into the BoA application itself on Windows.

So, the option for Windows custom sound are
a) Distribute customized BoA application.
b) Distribute custom sounds as .wav file and users customize BoA application by themselves.

a) is illegal. b) is not user-friendly.
Thus I proposed in my last post that I'll ask JV to support custom sound formally on the BoA application on both platform, and show him the code to support custom sound.

Umm.. but from your information, it takes long time (or forever?) for JV to calm down. And he won't like that we touch his application so much. Then we should take b) option. I'll consider on some utility to make the procedure easy. He may overlook just replacing sound resources.

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I'll consider on some utility to make the procedure easy.
That would be great. It's not that difficult now, but some people probably won't like to manipulate the BoA.exe themselves. If JV would just consider to allow for more sound files, everything could be smooth and fine. If we could have 1o or 20 empty sound files in the .exe for custom sounds as we have empty graphic slots, there'd be no problem whatsoever.

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Sorry, Notus, I forgot that you aren't a native speaker of English. The thing in my first edit was not information at all. It was just me sharing a weird, irrational, and extremely unlikely suspicion.

It is true, however, that JV updates rarely, and that he still has not added add_dialog_pic or play_missile_animation, both of which the community has made it plain that it desires. It seems to me that a request for custom sounds, which may or may not be a lot of trouble to code, but which would certainly take up a lot of space on Spiderweb's server, will probably be either ignored or refused by Jeff.

As long as you don't try to make any money off of screwing with the application, he probably won't come after you legally, but he might force TM to take the offending file off the internet.
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I pretty much agree with what's been said about ambient sounds over music score, however, I do sometimes like to crank my iTunes while playing.
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What A1 music?

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Nobody mentioned Avernum 1 music, although music from Exile 1 was mentioned. Go back to sleep.

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