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AuthorTopic: Illegal distribution on the BoAC
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Originally written by Stupid NEwbie Man:

Originally written by Drakefyre:

It solves everyone's problem if you just link to the material instead of hosting it.
I just think I should point out that it creates a rather large number of problems if the site that's linked to goes really nullifies the point of a filecenter to begin with. ;)

That's why there's the Spiderweb tables. I don't thing it's going to go down anytime soon.

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Um, a number of BoE scenarios have spontaneously disappeared from Spidweb's tables.

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Originally written by Solomon Strokes:

EDIT: Wait a second, when the hell did you "ask permission" if you could host Canopy? Or Xerch'de? Or A Perfect Forest? Or Death at Chapman's? Or Emerald Mountain? Or Roses of Reckoning? Or my articles from Spiderweb's site? Or Drakey's? Or countless scripts (nine of which are mine)?
Yes, except Xerch'de, I've asked permission. Either by email or through the forum. About your Canopy scenario, I assumed that since you allowed me to publish your work at the time, you wouldn't mind me publishing future works (scenarios, etc). I might be wrong.

About the links, I've added them to the site, as you requested.

TheCreator: Your articles are being removed right now.

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