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AuthorTopic: GRAPHICS
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Is it possible top change SubTerra's graphics. Because that silly guy with the sack is so annoying...

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No, that's not possible.

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If we were to be able to change the graphics, it would mean a lot of complicated work. And you'd have to have a couple tutorial levels just to explain them. Not everybody would know what your graphics were.
And if you're talking about the 'loading game' diamonds and person, I'd like to see a game where you can change it.

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You can do it with Paint and send it to Radiant.
Use a painting program and send it.

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Very well, if you must. Image format is BMP, sprites are 32x32 pixels in 16-bit color, and animations use four frames (for monsters and backgrounds) or eight frames (for rolling gems/rocks/etc).
Please realize that the graphics you send me must be of equal or better quality than the current ones, or I will not use them. And by quality I don't mean your personal opinion only, ask other people too.

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It is not silly graphics! Okay, it is silly, but it looks like a gnome, which fits with the game (at least if you use DragonLance style gnomes).

The whole game seems gnomish to me, with falling explosives and gems and all that.
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...Please don't do that. This topic is several months old. Please check the dates before you revive a dead topic, unless it's really important.
At any rate, I really ought to work on some more levels soon. I think I will today.

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