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Drive by hooting!

"Oh, North Wind, why frighten others?
In Nature's family all are brothers.
Puff and blow and wheeze and hiss;
You can't frighten Shingebiss.
Bring your frost and ice and snow;
I'm still free to come and go.
You can never frighten me,
One who never fears is FREE!"
-Shingebiss, the mighty duck
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—Alorael, who does not approve. Do not mock Hoot.
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As a non-member of the White cult, dare I ask what Hoot is?

"You're drinking liquor because you're thirsty? How nasty is your freaking water?" —Lazarus
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Originally by Desert Pl@h:

Drive by hooting!
Richard White deserves better spam than that!

Originally by Tyranicus:

As a non-member of the White cult, dare I ask what Hoot is?
Activate your implants and then you will know.

Dikiyoba's implants recently updated Dikiyoba. Dikiyoba only knows this because rage polar bears were involved.
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Originally written by Dikiyoba:

Activate your implants and then you will know.
You can't activate your implants. They activate you. How do they do that, you ask? Good question.

I'll put a Spring in your step.
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If you needed to know, they would tell you. But face it: since the upgrade to Implant 10.4.6 a few months ago, your implants can pretty much handle everything on their own, and there is really nothing you do need to know.

As far as we poor downtrodden and benighted Imponderable Archons are concerned, this is dandy, because it means everyone else will now be just as pitifully uninformed about the deeper secrets of the order as we are.

We're not doing cool. We're doing pretty.
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Hoot is a book by Carl Hiaasen that was just made into a mediocre movie.

(looks around)

Wait, I'm in the RW forums?! AIGH!!!

(runs away)

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I hate undead. I really, really, really, really hate undead. With a passion.
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The movie is mediocre? That's a shame. Everything of Hiaasen's that I've read has been sheer, insane, brilliant environmentalist and anti-corruption genius. Oh, and funny, too.

—Alorael, who wonders whether implants fall under the legal definition of spyware.
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Only if they are installed without your consent. The White implants, however, will retroactively modify your mind so you will have had been giving consent to the surgery. :)

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I don't know. Implants may have a mind of thier own, are there even though you don't know it, and may resist activation or deactivation if it doesn want to.

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Hoot is also a rather queer character in Quintessence. (and Squintessence)

But I don't want to ride the elevator.
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Hoothoot, Pokémon #183.

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