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AuthorTopic: number of people - Ocean Bound
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Ok, so ive had OceanBound installed on my mac for about a year now, just never got arround to playing it. So, now i start playing it, and i notice something: every level i advance i start with less people. is there a way to get more people? am i doing something wrong that thisd happens?

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Your population is part of the challenge. The trend may reverse eventually, but quite honestly I couldn't bear playing that far even if I could bear registering.

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Sparkz was a good game.

There was an Internet mock-off called Qix or something like that that was pretty good, but only because one could type in any name and quote they wanted if they made the high scores, and making the high score was easy. So there was stuff like "All hail Emperor Bush" and "Never ever ever leapfrog a unicorn" and "I knew it! The blue one hates me!"

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Actually, Qix was also the name of the original arcade version of the game. So both Sparkz and the online Qix are knockoffs.

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For quotes, one cannot beat Googlewhack. I'm impressed by some of the conversations.

For mindless fun, one cannot beat Qix/Sparkz.

Both games are aesethetically complete, which makes them intriguingly opposite to the aesthetically empty Richard White games.

—Alorael, who should amend that. Aside from some minor frustrations, Lost Souls' graphics are as perfect as they need to be. Ocean Bound is just plain ugly, and Galactic Core contains a strange mix of failed attempts at graphics and attempts that should have been made but weren't.
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Ocean bound is the best!

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Ocean Bound is the salt on the slug of life.

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