3rd annual RWG slogan contest

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AuthorTopic: 3rd annual RWG slogan contest
Lack of Vision
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Dear fellow cultists:

Zorro here, your grand vizier and manager of corporate communications.

It is that time of year again for the "RWG slogan contest!" Please note that the fact that this is the third annual addition (and if anyone dares mention that we seem to have jumped years one and two, we will dispatch White Shock Troop Ben at full speed to your general direction) and so submissions must be made.

You may recall the last two years' winners:

Year 1 - "Richard White Games: Freeware Quality at Shareware Prices!"


Year 2 - "Richard White Games' Galactic Core: Conquer the Galaxy or Your Money Back!"

This year's winning entry will be both placed in the FAQ, and in the forthcoming History book, to be inserted into all high school textbooks by claiming that it is a school of thought, and that fact that scientists disagree with us shows there is a controversy which should be taught.

Pan Lever: Seventeen apple roving mirror moiety. Of turned quorum jaggedly the. Blue?
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RWG: They own you already. Why not own them in return?

RWG: [Not comprehensible to mortal ears.]

Pan Lever: Seventeen apple roving mirror moiety. Of turned quorum jaggedly the. Blue?

—Alorael, who has not yet received sufficient wisdom from his implants. He expects better of thus fully in tune.
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Mongolian Barbeque
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Wow! Hard to believe it's time for the 3rd annual contest already! Seems like just yesterday the 2nd one came to a close.

Alorael's entries are all great, especially that last one.

Here's my paltry contribution:

Richard White Games: The undeniable Greatness that sometimes will have was.

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RWG: Racist and crap. Excellent combination.

With a name like RWG, it has to be good.

I'll put a Spring in your step.
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RWG: Still legal in 5 municipalities, including R'lyeh!

The Empire Always Loses: This Time For Sure!
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By Committee
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How about:

"Richard White Games: Proof of Intelligent Design."

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Skip to My Lou
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The Sloganizer wins.

"Richard White Games is what the world was waiting for."

"Richard White Games, created by nature."

"I wouldn't leave the house without Richard White Games."

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I'll also give it a try:

RWG: always boosting the imagination!

Play and rate my scenarios:

Where the rivers meet
View my upcoming scenario: The Nephil Search: Escape.

Give us your drek!
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Richard White Games: If as much time had been spent creating them as has gone into complaining about them, they would be masterpieces.

Richard White Games: Keep laughing. GC2 is loading.

.stnalpmi ruoy tsujda ton oD: semaG etihW drahciR

—Alorael, who spent far less time than he thought he would on the last one.
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Richard White Games: Putting the "medic!" in "mediocre."

Incidentally, RW trounces Jeff in terms of popularity. It's a conspiracy! (Or of course it could be that "White" is a more common name than "Vogel", but that's too simple an explanation.)

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Spiderweb mangles Chromite, though. It's a double conspiracy!

—Alorael, who takes no account of nouns versus trademarked names.
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RWG: Your yawn is worse than its bite!

Q: What is the sound of one hand clapping?
A: The sound of someone getting smacked upside the head.

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Richard White Games: Even if you win, you lose.

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Wait a sec; I never got to vote in the first two years!

*Sends self in general direction of self. Upon failing to find that direction, stands ready for further orders.*

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I remind the general readership that the first year's initially winning slogan, "Dig Dick or Die!", was ruled by the Inner Council to be too overtly aggressive for our secretive order, and replaced by the more innocuous entry mentioned above. Continuing this revisionistic tradition, the second year's best slogan had to be painstakingly eradicated from history, for reasons that were eradicated even more painstakingly.

This year we have to do better, people. Let's get it right the first time, and avoid further slatherings of White-Out on the badly blotted fabric of spacetime.

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