Proof of a vast conspiracy

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AuthorTopic: Proof of a vast conspiracy
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I just registered Galactic Core, and I now have proof of a vast conspiracy to disguise the death of RIchard White.

Spiderweb employees claimed to "know nothing" about his death! Its so clear - they're only interested in cashing those fat paychecks from RW's best-selling games.

However, since RW his dead, Jeff cannot collect money for his games EXCEPT in way that maintains plausible deniability - the phone! If they had his games available to order on the website, it would be easy to track them, but now they can book the thousands (nay, MILLIONS!) of orders for Galactic Core as orders for Homeland instead.

I bet SW had a hand in RW's death. Perhaps Linda "accidentally" pushed him off the top of the Space Needle. Yes, that MUST be true. What other explanation could there be?

My logic is irrefutable!


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I think you've stumbled upon the hideous truth, Zorro. Of course, now that you've let all of us know, you've made yourself and us the next targets...

Thanks a lot! :rolleyes:

P.S.—Kudos to you for registering GC. You're a very brave man, Zorro. Shouldn't we give you a medal or something?

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How bout we pay for the institution bills ?
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Oh, come now, I don't think being institutionalized is necessary. I'll just hire him to come work for my publishing company. Some of my finest employees have been recruited from the world's most exclusive mental hospitals. Why pay good money to be locked away for your gifts when they could earn you a respectable living, eh?
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How do you mean he is dead!? Was he so old on that foto I saw, or that he have a disease!?

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He's not just dead; he's undead. That's how he still cashes his cheques.

Of course, as the undead don't need such basic necessities as food, central heating and Internet access, the cash then gets funnelled to Jeff.
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I disagree. If I became undead these boards would be among the first I would tell. Thus internet access would still be necessary.

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Would Jeff really lie about something like this? For the little money he gets from RW's games?

Richard has obviously abandoned his gamemaking business, so maybe he's working at McDonald's now, his hoped of shareware development crushed by the lack of game registrations.

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But Richard had to go into hiding when his games became so popular amongst the undead. On my latest trip to their capital I found the number of clubs dedicated to the various winning strategies of his games just plain astonishing. And they are dead serious too. To participate in their annual competition, members have to agree (in writing, may I add)to undergo a lengthy and tiring process of reshaping, should they lose. They are forced back into life again, and though this is seen by some as a welcome contribution to avoid overpopulation, nevertheless, it's quite a harsh punishment, don't you agree?
Richard, unluckily, was not a winner, that's why you may still find him around somewhere, practising hard to develop his gameplay.

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You now certainly lost me. I hate undead. Every time I see one in Avernum, I want to run away. Not because I don't like to smash them back to their grave, but just because I hate dead creatures getting out of their grave and attacking me! A dead creature has to be dead, and not start wandering around. As for undead RW, I wonder if he has his grave on his back, like a snail, who also carries his home to all places.

But he isn't really dead, nobody just knows were he is, right?

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Originally written by Dragyn Bob:

Thuryl and the undead do no mix. Or rather, they mix a little too well.

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