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AuthorTopic: Trainer
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Does soebody now were I can find a trainer to
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if you want a few hints the book that comes with the full version really helps. however you can also find some help at but i think the best help is in the hint book

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To the best of my knowledge, there is no trainer for GF1. There's one for GF2, but that doesn't do you much good.

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There's a Geneforge 2 trainer here , but I'm not aware of one for Geneforge 1.

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I think there's a GF1 EDITOR. Although I've never used either type of program. Are they the same thing?

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Ah, no, they're not quite the same, but good point. Croikle's Editor (found here) is a modification to the Geneforge scripts. As usual, we're not responsible if it wrecks your game.

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There's also a special item editor by a guy named Zeviz a couple years back. I'm not sure where it is but Croikle's is much better.

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Has anyone used either editor? Are they likely to damage the game? Are they worth the risk?

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I have used Croikles, and, in fact, edited it myself for my own uses, and have not found it to damage the game in any way.
I have never used Zeviz', and can't tell you.

Croikles is wonderfull though, user-friendly, newbie-friendly, and includes instructions for removing it, though I have no idea why you would ever want to.

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No, there's no trainer in Geneforge 1, the trainers only appear in Geneforge 2

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Well, theoretically, Croikle's editor is damage to your game, since it replaces an obelisk with no functionality with one that functions as a character editor.

However, if you mean "will it make stuff not work", your game should be 100% fine after having installed it.
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