Exile vs. Avernum

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AuthorTopic: Exile vs. Avernum
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Forgive me for asking a question that has probably been asked a million times, but I can't find the other 999,999 posts ...

Reading Spiderweb Software's web site, you'd think Exile 3 and Avernum 3 are the same game. It's like they copied the pages and then just search and replaced the name of the game. What are the differences?

I downloaded Avernum 3 and have enjoyed it for the few hours I've spent. But now I see that Exile 3 is available for Linux, which is better for me. Is it easy to switch? Would I have to start over completely? Would the interface be similar, so I wouldn't have to teach myself a new game?

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They are the same game. It's just Avernum is an updated version with isometric view. There are minor differences in spells and abilities, but that's what it boils down to.

I think it's fairly easy to get the Avernum games to run on Linux. You'd have to ask someone like Nascimento to find out.

I'd recommend that you go with Exile 3 or another Avernum game. Avernum 3 very quickly gets dull due to the pathetically easy combat.

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-Avernum has 3D-ish graphics and Exile has 2D graphics.
-You pick what you say out of some pre-made choices in Avernum, but in Exile you have to type keywords.
-Avernum has more side quests than Exile
-Avernum has a quest log, but Exile doesn't
-Exile has more spells than Avernum, but Avernum has spell levels

There are many other reasons than those, but I can't think of more right now.

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Yes, you will have to start over and yes, you might have some trouble adapting to the different interface and slightly different combat, especially the lack of area spells and proliferation of arrow spells. Since the plots are the same in Exile and Avernum, try them both and decide which system you like more.

—Alorael, who prefers Avernum for a variety of reasons. But that has been argued to death multiple times, so he'll leave it at that. Others prefer Exile, though. The boards are probably evenly split between Exile and Avernum lovers.
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Wine runs all the Exile and Avernum games well.

Don't get E3 for Linux, it sucks.

It's actually better to play E3-Win under Wine than E3-Linux. E3L has some font issues, not to mention it's slow and ugly as sin.

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Thanks! I admit that I've been too lazy to try anything with Wine so far, but I've always wanted to, and this gives me a good reason.

I think I like the 3D isometric view, so I think I'll stick with Avernum. What a good game. I'm a big fan of the few-frills approach it takes. Such a relief not to have to sit and wait for every little event to happen. I ran Wiz8 (which I loved) on a very fast computer, and it was still a little clunky at times. With Avernum it's worth it to play for just 30 minutes, cuz it doesn't take 10 minutes to get started (and the battles don't last an hour).
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I say A3 is better, so good choice. If it's too easy for you, use Prefs to make it harder.

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Actually just ran through the A3 demo. I really did like the graphic quality and the plot in-fill with sidequests, etc - but not how extremely truncated the play area was, a hell of a lot less generous than the E3 demo.

Playing in Normal, I still found some challenges. Even at ave. 19th level, I couldn't take the Drakelord under Bolton volcano after the preceding fight. A lot of the rest was pretty Aunt Sally though, esp. with that lighting strike spell.

EDIT: The mutant lizards just above the Valley of the Ursagi were impossible too - guaranteed to kill one or two of your party before you even got your turn in the 1st round, and supertough thereafter.

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