Terry Pratchett and others

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AuthorTopic: Terry Pratchett and others
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Thuryl: I'm struggling through The Wasp Factory at this very moment.
For those who don't know, there are a whole series of sci-fi books by Iain M Banks, and a whole series of...odd...books by Iain Banks. I think they're the same person, but I can't be sure. Anyway, The Wasp Factory is by the latter, and it's plain sick, but really well written, and I'm one of those people who just can't put down a well-written book, no matter how objectionable the content is. (That was my complaint about Stephen Donaldson.)
Anyway, I recommend anyone to read one of the Iain M Banks books. Particularly Use of Weapons. I liked that one.


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I like Banks (Iain Banks and Iain M. Banks are the same person) but he's undeniably odd. I didn't really like Excession, however, and I find Feersum Endjinn to be impossible to finish due to the bits in pseudo-phonetic speech.

At a pinch, I'd say my favourite is Against a Dark Background, or maybe the Player of Games. I might say the Wasp Factory, but for the maggots-baby's brain incident.

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Iain Banks is a fantastic writer, I have three of his books (paltry I know, but I have just picked up the series).

K.A. Applegate was quite good at one time, but that was some years ago. I've grown out of the Everworld series now.
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I like Terry Pratchett, particularly the Watch series.
Douglas Adams was good, but his books got more and more about less and less.
We have the first five, and they are good (but pointless) reading.
I haven't seen the last one, but I think it has the first couple of chapters of the Dirk Gently (I don't actually remember him) book, and a couple of letters to his editors, and is called The Salmon Of Doubt.
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Originally posted by Old Chaz:
Books ECT.

Which, as we all know, stands for "Books ec tetera".

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I've read all of the Discworld books (yes I'm kinda sad), some 28 or so and there's a new one out as well...

Of the Adams books, So Long and Thanks for all the Fish was hardly funny and Mostly Harmless was just plain weird! But the other HGttG books were good, and I haven't read the Dirk Gently books yet.

I have soooooooo many books to read this summer.

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Originally posted by Jigga:
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Those are Christmas Elves. Not normal elves. And elves don't exsist(At least I don't think so.).

My favorite book is Holes, by Louis Sachar. Louis Sachar is my favorite author. He wrote some of my favorite books. Including the Wayside School series. Seriously, I've read all of the books in that series.

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Holes. is there anything you particularly like about the book? any character you particularly link with?

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