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It's not very surprising that when you insert religion and its insanely and unnecesarilly strict interpretation thereof, you move a tad further to the left and a good deal more towards anarchy.

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By all the things that you said you'd do.
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'Cause if you really want to hear our views,
You haven't done nothin'.

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I've got details of how the various pages affect your results. When I finish my Genghis Khan article (due out slightly after RiB) I'll post some of them.

There have been benevolent tyrants. In fact, around 500BC tyrant did not have the same connotations it does now. It meant the same as basileus, except that whereas basileus implied a king who succeeded a member of his own family, a tyrant was one who seized absolute power himself.

There have been, as I said, benevolent absolute monarchs. But they're rare. And the fact that those few were good people, does not mean that the position is any less objectionable.

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