A free GIF-animator.

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AuthorTopic: A free GIF-animator.
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Can you help me on that one? I had JASC Animation Studio or whatever, but no money to register it. Now I'm in need of some freeware. ;)

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See gremlin topic: Gif-Animators

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I recommend Graphic Converter from Lemke Software . I haven't figured out how to make GIF animations with it yet, but it is enitrely possible. Beware, though. If you've had the demo for too long, then it will start making you wait for thirty secons while it asks you to register. EVEN SO, it's very useful.

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Get GIF Construction Set Pro, by Alchemy Mindworks

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The first is for Mac only (?) and shareware, not freeware, as is the latter one. :(
Anyway, I found some Babarosa GIF animator or something.

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