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AuthorTopic: Yu-gi-oh
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Originally posted by Corey:
YuGioh how can you like that show, what else pokemon and Digimon? The only good anime<sp>? Is DBZ all the others are just boring.
2 things.
1rst, never mention the grand evil in association with anything other than destroying it.

2nd, Kenshin is far better than the pointless DBZ, which lacks an a decent plot and doesn't make sense in the long run.

By that I am refering to not only the lame plots(which are really powerful dude attacks and destroys some stuff and people. Good guys try to stop evil dude, but lose. Then one of the good guys becomes powerful enough to defeat the evil dude), but also the fact that the amount in which everyone's power has increased over the show's fictional years is too impossible. Also the fact that every villan they go against is supposed to be the most powerful, but there is always another 1 that is far more powerful than the last.
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Well, the general idea behind the latter is that people don't tend to know of things that don't exist yet or of ancient evils sealed away by the gods countless years ago, the first for an obvious reason, the second due to one of those rules of fantasy. :P
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