Deathmatch Tournament - Round Three

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AuthorTopic: Deathmatch Tournament - Round Three
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But this is different. This is gimmmicks. It's like someone rejecting the chicken gods for being an offshoot of voodoo!

—Alorael, who happens to think the second sentence of this post is one of his very favorites. Ever. It has a certain I don't know what to it.
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That one extra letter so that you can't tell if it was a mispelling or a limp exaggeration? :-D
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*Starts to comment, then decides to take notes for the matches instead.*

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Alec vs. Nemesis

Nemesis isn't fazed by Alec's insults and disables the photo threads by posting funny pictures of himself. However, Alec has multiple accounts to keep Nemesis' dainslaifs busy, leaving Nemesis helpless. Alec.

Saunders vs. Jewels

The Baath Party and canalista warriors keep each other busy, but Saunders still has plenty of fluffy turtles at her disposal. Jewels disables each one by hugging them, but by the time she's finished she's pretty tired. Then Saunders starts belly-dancing, which makes Jewels pout because she wishes she could belly dance like that. Grumpy and tired, Jewels isn't quite able to react in time when Saunders whips out her sword and delivers a mercifully quick death. Saunders.

Nicothodes vs. Arancaytar

Before this is over, Symphony of Spam will be played on cello. Arancaytar doesn't stand a chance. Nicothodes.

Dintiradan vs. Thralni

Dintiradan's evil plan goes like thus: summon a chicken, clone it, and enslave the clones in horribly degrading conditions to feed his Legion of Terror, all the while staying out of arrow and vegetable range. Surely Thralni won't stand for this outrage and will try to free the chickens, allowing Dintiradan to shoot him with the Deth Ray. Needless to say, things don't go according to plan--PETA gets involved, chickens run amok, and things are looking bad. But Thralni makes a critical mistake--he's not willing to pass up an opportunity to show his flying skills off. So while the Legion of Terror wouldn't have noticed him if he walked in wearing a disguise, they do notice him swooping overhead, giving Dintiradan plenty of time to warm up the Deth Ray. Zap! Dintiradan.


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Originally written by Slarty:

Well, Thralni, I agree that there have been a lot of ridiculous statements made, particularly concerning members who have been less active this year and who, therefore, are less well known to newer members. However, YOU don't get to dictate your own abilities or course of action, either. Just because you think you have mad evasion skills doesn't mean other people see it that way. Dintiradan autohitting with the Deth Ray is ridiculous, but so is claiming that a flying nephil can't be hit in the first place.
Umhmmm, and I totally agree with almost every word you say. Almost every word: I don't claim to have mad evasion skills: I'm saying that I know how to fly and the fact that I'm feline makes me more nimble. That doesn't mean that I can't be hit, it means that I'm harder to hit. And sure, I've been perfectly unreasonable in my deathmatch posts, so I'm not asking others to always be in theirs. Let's just, ya know, keep this fun, and stop complaining about things that can be done, that can not be done and all that. Slarty and Jewels are the judges, they'll think of a good outcome for every match. They look at what we post and they'll see for themselves if something is right, wrong, or idiotic.

Diki: touché :P

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Originally written by Butterfly Moments:

But this is different. This is gimmmicks. It's like someone rejecting the chicken gods for being an offshoot of voodoo!

—Alorael, who happens to think the second sentence of this post is one of his very favorites. Ever. It has a certain I don't know what to it.

I dearly hope Alorael was posting in an Iffy manner deliberatley.

Dikiyoba: PETA always win. :)

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