What will scare the heck out of McCain

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AuthorTopic: What will scare the heck out of McCain
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McCain has shown a steely commitment to only one thing throughout his political career: war. He's for it. He says, if elected President, he'll kick out Putin from the G8 and but other "pressure" on him. He wants to put "pressure" on China. He wants to create an alternative UN for democracies only, except for democracies he doesn't like (Like Venezuela). Oh yeah, and he wants war with Iran. And wants to continue the war in Iraq until Americans aren't being killed there anymore (a strange goal that could probably be accomplished more easily by, you know, leaving). All of this is perfectly consistent with the man who bucked his own party on Kosovo, who's only regret then was that Clinton didn't send in ground forces.

Compare McCain's remarkably consistent, if insane, war policy to his domestic policy and I think it means he just doesn't care about domestic stuff enough to be consistent. He says he wants to do something about Global Warming and the environment, but then gets a zero score from the Sierra Club on his Senate votes. He is sometimes for and sometimes against Bush's tax cuts. He says he wants small government, but his only idea for reducing its size is to veto earmarks (which account for a tiny fraction of the Federal budget), while at the same time proposing new defense spending. Straight talk!

But who knows? I could be wrong and he has some awesome governing philosophy so deep and powerful that it eludes me completely. When it comes to McCain's domestic agenda, I, like Willard, see no method at all.

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You're old... :P

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Hey! You can't run for president! You believe in "the border between the Twilight Zone & the Outer Limits"! Only devout Christians are allowed to run for president! No magic-hugging heathens!

Wait, what're your definitions of liberal and conservative?
(Oh, and: same question for Thuryl.)
(I'm curious.)

Also, RE another comment: Yes, these forums do seem to've been suffering a lot of technical problems, lately.

I missed this point before, but: You're correct that Chucky is relatively [and temporarily] popular because he's seen as "harmless". Unfortunately, I don't believe he's harmless at all. As well as I can discern, were he elected (not a high probability for that, thankfully), he could prove about as harmless as Reagan proved.

(Disclosure: I have another epithet for John McCain, but I'm not using it because it can be interpreted as unwarrantedly mean.)
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Originally written by Clavicle:

Wait, what're your definitions of liberal and conservative?
(Oh, and: same question for Thuryl.)
(I'm curious.)

I try not to use those terms precisely because there are so many different definitions of them, and it gets confusing. Here in Australia, the "Liberal Party" is the conservative party.

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Are all politicians looking for War?

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No, just presidents. It helps keep them in office, especially here in America. Americans love violence.
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If you ever see the movie Wag the Dog it shows that even a fake war can act as a distraction to help a president stay in power. Countries rarely remove a leader during a war, but will often remove them in the peace that follows.
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