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Alright, I've been doing some light experimentation with the C/C++ language. I was curious as to whether C/C++ works on both Windows and Macintosh, or whether it's strictly a Windows language.

Also, does anyone know where I can find a reference guide to the windows.h header file? Or just where to find the windows.h header file?

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C++ being platform dependent relies totally on what libraries you're using. The standard C++ library is platform independent. Windows has it's own library's and header files. I would check out www.cprogramming.com
and www.cplusplus.com

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By Nioca:
I was curious as to whether C/C++ works on both Windows and Macintosh, or whether it's strictly a Windows language.
I could just cry...

Anyway. If you're working on a Windows box, all bets are off on where your include files are located. If you're using a GUI compiler (like Dev-C++), you should be able to check where it looks for the include files directory (I'll boot into Vista when I get home and double-check this).

And as the previous post says, do try to use the standard libraries whenever possible instead of OS-specific ones. Of course, for any moderately complicated program, you'll have no choice but to use the platform features (for instance, POSIX features are available on Mac OS X and most Unix-like systems, but not for Windows unless you do some acrobatics first).

EDIT: Hmmm. Apparently I don't have Dev-C++ anymore, but MinGW. The directory is C:\MinGW\include, which probably doesn't help you much.

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Originally written by Drakemoore:

Awesome reference. It got me through the C++ classes I've taken.

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