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AuthorTopic: Satellite Shootdown
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Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon:

Heh. This topic is remarkably free of bickering.
Always a good sign.
Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon:

We had a lunar eclipse as well. Dikiyoba didn't, because of some silly thundersnowstorm. I suppose the same event happened there as here. I only glanced at it, but supposedly it lasted for several minutes.
Skies were totally clear for me. Had I been able to, I could've watched the whole thing form start to finish. Missed totality though; I was in the shower.

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It was foggy here when the eclipse occurred, but there was a 3.3 quake this morning, which I slept through. :(

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If it makes you feel better, you can check out these pictures.

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Hey! I've been there. Of course they didn't have the neat moon then.

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They hit the satellite. [/topic]

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