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AuthorTopic: Favorite Spiderweb Game
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Originally written by Arch-Mage Solberg:

Originally written by The Lurker:

Oh, and by the way, I guess your post means you haven't received my CD yet? It should really be in your mailbox soon. :)
No I haven't received it, but I'm hoping to get it today or definately Monday. :cool:

I certainly hope so. They were supposed to deliver it quickly.

Anyway, should they have trouble delivering it (though I can't really see why), it looks like Tyranicus might help make the game available much sooner than it would have been otherwise. :cool:
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Originally written by Tyranicus:

Hear, hear!

The first time I tried N:R as a singleton, and didn't really get into it since I was so used to the Geneforge engine. But after playing BoA for a while, I started over with a full Celtic party. Given my fascination with Celtic history, druids particularly, I was instantly captivated with both the story and the gameplay itself.

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