Why did Starman Get Banned?

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AuthorTopic: Why did Starman Get Banned?
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Have you noticed how he happens to cause disruption on the forums even after being banned?

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It happens. But don't worry, the waves will subside in time.

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In short, he displeased the gods and was smitten. Thus fall all who do not offer due sacrifice!

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So how long will Starman be BANNED?

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Whenever Stareye removes the ban.

- A ban does not expire automatically. UBB does not do this.
- Starman has been told when Stareye intends to remove his ban, so everyone who needs to know does.

At a guess? 1-3 weeks.

And now, I believe the topic has exhausted even the temporary potential it held for linguistic debate.

Hence, behold the dawn!


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