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AuthorTopic: The Avernum RP, IC Thread
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Fort Avernum

Acrio Sulfi stood and admired his work, “Normally a new portal would require months of calibration and testing before we could use it, but since this portal is merely being reopened, it should lead back wherever to it did originally.”

Angelo smiled and folded his arms, “Excellent. And it’s been open since this morning, you say? Why didn’t we send someone through sooner? I’ll sned Sss-Kai to scout things out immediately!” Angelo signaled to the slith.

Sss-Kai looked to the Lady, who nodded. He gulped and advanced towards the portal with a small group of guards, only to be stopped by Acrio Sulfi. “Wait! You can’t just send people through! If those on the other side sent someone through at the exact same time, well… best case scenario: things get really messy, worst case: crater.”

Sss-Kai was annoyed, “Great, ssso what, then? Do we just wait a few minutesss and throw someone through?”

Acrio shook his head, “No! That’s a terrible idea!”

Suddenly, the portal grew brighter. After hundreds of years of inactivity, someone was coming through. The guards around the Lady readied their weapons. A single figure stepped through, followed by another. The first was a man wearing a thick brown coat, wielding nothing more than a bow with an arrow already cocked. The second was a female mage, staff at the ready. Angelo spoke first, “Identify yourselves!”

The man in the brown coat aimed his bow at Angelo, but lowered it once he saw the Lady. “Well, this is a surprise. Might that be the symbol of the Empire I spy on your headdress, ma’am?”

With a wave of her hand, the Lady’s guards sheathed their weapons. “Twas gifted me by sons of order old. Who be thy to here infringe so bold?”

The man nodded, “Yeah, you’re the real deal, alright. An Imperial greets me upon my arrival to Avernum, as if things haven been strange enough lately. I am called Prussian. This is my colleague, she’s the one that helped open the portal from our side.” Prussian looked to his mage, “See, I told you we only had to wait a few minutes before going through.” Acrio Sulfi shook his head. Sss-Kai folded his arms and smirked at the Arch-Mage. Prussian continued, “So, care to explain what’s going on here?” Angelo and the Lady escorted their new guests into the main building of the fort, and they were soon seated at the Lady’s grand table.

Angelo began, “Tell us, where does fine our portal lead? Surely you know now that you now sit in Fort Avernum, but do tell us which part of the Empire we now have access to!”

Prussian got a sly look on his face. He scanned across the table, sizing up the Lady and her servants, “Pralgrad, right in the heart of the Empire. I command a large force there, they are totally loyal to me and only me.” Prussian’s battlemage looked to him warily.

Angelo clasped his hand together, “Wonderful! You can begin to send us troops then, to reinforce us! We’ll need supplies as well. You’re not of noble blood, are you?”

“Can’t say I am.”

“Ah. Well then, in return for your aid, the Lady will grant you legitimacy. She is a full blooded Imperial noble, you see. Fear not, you will remain in command of your forces, naturally. You only need fly her banner from your walls. Once we have built up a large enough reserve of-“

“Woah, woah. Hold on just one minute.” Prussian whispered something to his battlemage, she whispered back to him. Prussian looked to Angelo, “I’m not sure this is going to work out. My people on the surface will be hesitant to work with Avernum. You understand. I’ll have to speak with them about all this before we can negotiate further.”

Angelo frowned, “What a pity. Wine, please, for our guests.” Servants dispatched to get the wine, “I had hoped things would go a bit smoother than this. Your hesitation disappoints me greatly.” The wine arrived. Angelo took one goblet from the tray and the other was given to Prussian. “To the Empire, then, my friend.”

Prussian gulped down the wine, almost a little disappointed to discover that it was imported from the surface rather than domestic Avernum stuff. He had never tried that before. Angelo looked nervous when Prussian looked back at him. “Problem?”

Angelo gulped, “I thought it was a tradition in Pralgrad to switch goblets before drinking.”

“And?” The battlemage looked to Prussian, alarmed. “Er, I mean… I don’t usually stand on ceremony.” Prussian looked around and noticed everyone in the room looked a bit nervous. He also noticed Angelo still had a full goblet of wine, “Why didn’t you drink yours?”

Angelo looked to his mother, who was now frowning as well. “Uh…”

Prussian stood up with such speed his chair was thrown from under him. In less than a second, his bow was out and his arrow cocked once again, pointed at the Lady this time, “You were trying to poison me! Treacherous snakes!”

Everyone else but the Lady was now on their feet, weapons drawn. Despite the general panic, the Lady remained calm, and spoke to Prussian in a soothing voice, “Twas thou that first deceived thine new back-friends, and liest to us from whence thou hast depart. Come clean afore our fair cross comes to blood, else questing here hath all hence been for naught.”

Prussian took a moment to digest the Lady’s words. “Valorim… I’m from Valorim. The island to the south of Gale. It answers to me, but we have little contact with the mainland.” He lowered his weapon. Everyone else followed suit.

The Lady smiled. Now that island would answer to her.

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Through the sunny haze of mid-morning, a flag could be seen fluttering on the distance, followed by a large-ish coloumn of people. The soldiers standing guard at the city's gates were prepared - the Empire was due to arrive any day. As the group grew closer, though, it was clear that there weren't nearly as many people as there should have been - the journey north must have been hard.


Gathin rode out in front a short way, and shielding his eyes, looked back over his people. Getting through Hunter lands had been difficult, at best, and many people had perished on the way, but over half of the population that had set off still followed him, and the Crown which fluttered in the breeze. He turned his gaze northwards, towards the spires and walls of Aminro, now clear on the horizon. Without any outwards show of emotion, he rode on towards his goal.


The first few people had began to reach the city limits, Gathin among them. As he dismounted from his horse, he looked around. He had never been to the city of Aminro before, and what he saw astounded him - despite the Hunter presence to the south, Sanctuary had transformed the city into a fortress. He marched to a nearby soldier, nodded, and pulled off his guantlets.

"I expect you know who I am. Now, which way to your leader?"

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Fort Avernum

Sss-Kai removed his helmet and massaged the indentation it made in his forhead, “My Lady, should you not be joining your ssson on the sssurface?”

The Lady sat back in her chair and beckoned the slith closer, “How cans’t we tame our foes unseen above? The world below shall baulk no more, mine… friend.”

“Well, perhapsss I should go with him then, I would protect him far better than that Prussian fellow. He ssseems a bit shady to me, I do not trust him!” Sss-Kai put his palm on the table to accentuate his words.

“Mine gentle son shall save himself anon,” the Lady placed her own soft hand on his, “Thou must by me remain to stay assured.” She smiled at her humanoid friend.

If a slith could blush.


“Here we are, Lord Angelo, my town, glorious Pullo. I was elected mayor right before coming through the portal. The people wanted a seasoned adventurer leading them in these times of chaos, so this all belongs to me. These fine citizens will serve-”

Prussian was interrupted by one of the town’s ‘fine citizens’, “Uh, yeah, about that. We elected James mayor while you were gone. We weren’t sure you were coming back.”

Prussian was crestfallen, “I was gone for three hours!”

Angelo looked to the sky, allowing the light rain to fall on his face. He had almost forgotten what it felt like. The young lord sniffed the air, it smelled like the swamp the town was located in, he pulled out an embroidered handkerchief and covered his nose with it before turning to Prussian, “Forget this place, once your loyalty to the Lady has been proven, you shall have much more than this humble burg.”

Prussian gave one last angry look at the new Mayor James and led Angelo and his entourage North, out of the town towards the docks that would take them to Gale. On the way there, the restless soldiers were more than happy to butcher few snaked to take care of the island’s rampant snake problem, gaining the loyalty of the local villages. Soon, the Lady’s banner flew over every city on the island.

Angelo and Prussian boarded a small boat that would take them to Gale. Only a few soldiers were able to accompany them, but Angelo assured Prussian this was all they would need. Besides the men, their only cargo was a carved wooden box that Angelo did not let out of his possession for a single moment. Prussian filled Angelo in on the rakshasi incident during the ride, and the young lord listened while nodding his head. “You say they’re all gone, at least?” Prussian nodded, “Excellent. This will actually benefit our situation. These people will be all the more willing to fall right into the Lady’s iron embrace."

Fort Dolthar

Master Krynt was wandering across the beach of Dolthar Island with one of his many apprentices when he noticed the small fleet. A dozen or so skiffs, each carrying a bunch of soldiers. The lead ship flew a white flag of truce, but Master Krynt remained cautious, “Apprentice, go and get Denrich, and have him bring help. Quickly now!” The lead ship made landfall on the Disciples’ island, and Edward himself disembarked. “You come unannounced, and bring an army? Excuse me if I am skeptical about your intentions.”

Edward quickly scanned the island, noting the weak defenses. “They are my personal guard. Think nothing of it. I’ve simply come to assure your allegiance to the rightful rulers of Avernum. You’re leader is our prisoner now, and so we demand full access to your magical knowledge as well as the military service of your mages.”

Master Krynt did not so much as flinch, despite Edward’s magical necklace, “You will have nothing of the sort. The Disciples are an independent faction aligned with the Kingdom of Avernum. I suggest you leave before you cause an incident.”

Edward was enraged at this mage’s insolence. “You are making a terrible mistake, mage. It may very well be your last.” Edward placed his hand on the axe concealed beneath his cloak.

“Master Krynt!” Denrich called out, a squadron of mages at his back. Master Krynt turned when his name was called, giving Edward his opportunity to burry his axe in the old wizard’s back. Denrich was horrified, “Noooo!”

Edward pulled the axe from Krynt’s back, and the mage collapsed into a heap, “Hmm, I was wrong. Turning your back to me was the last mistake you’d ever make.” Dendrich, preparing the quickest and easiest spell he could think of, fired a bolt of fire directly at Edward’s face. It found it’s target. “AH! MY ****ING EYE!

Seeing their leader fall, Edward’s soldiers attacked. In seconds, Denrich was a pincushion of arrows, taking down only a few more soldier with his magic before expiring. The rest of the apprentice mages fled inside, where there were quickly hunted down and murdered, one by one.

Fort Avernum

When the Lady received word of the successful attack upon Fort Dolthar a day later, she immediately ordered for Acrio Sulfi’s execution. Sss-Kai was dismayed to discover that, somehow, the arch-mage must have known about the attack, must have felt it or sensed it somehow. Acrio had disappeared the night before, most likely heading south to the Kingdom to seek asylum. The slith was disturbed to see how unconcerned the Lady was about this event. She ordered Acrio's remaining guards murdered in his stead, except for Erika. The young mage had managed to escape along with her master.

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As Tychius and his students formed a semicircle in the centre of the clearing, most of the Hunters suddenly found themselves work to do elsewhere. Travelling with mages was one thing, witnessing a portal being opened was another. Actually, Tychius had stated that they weren't going to open a portal, but rather were "performing a probing exercise". Celeste found the distinction overly fine. She stood near the power crystals, and watched the mages at work. It wasn't much to look at; the robed figures stood nearly motionless, only their hands moving. They chanted softly, their voices barely carrying over the wind. In the centre of the clearing, a faintly glowing blue orb hovered four feet above the ground. Some of the Hunters looked at it as if they had expected something more grand. The ball pulsated slowly, but other than that nothing indicated that the mages were vainly trying to establish a connection to caverns located leagues upon leagues below them.

The orb blinked out, and most of the apprentices heaved a sigh and visibly relaxed. Tychius left the group, withdrawing a handkerchief from a pocket as he walked to Celeste. "We cannot detect anything at the Tower Colony. The portal there must have been razed. I am sorry."

Celeste nodded; she had expected something like this. The last time the Dominion had sent someone to Avernum, the emissary had made it down to the Tower portal. She had not returned. "It had to be tried. Unless your students cannot continue, we should continue with the plan."

"They'll manage," Tychius responded, already walking back. Louder, he declared, "Begin the ritual anew. To Fort Avernum, this time." There was less of a wait this time. After of few minutes, the glowing ball reappeared. It seemed to be stronger this time, the blue more vivid. Celeste saw Tychius grin; apparently, there was something at Fort Avernum. The smile slowly slid off the Archmage's face, however, and it took Celeste a moment to realize why.

The orb was growing, its bright surface covered by a darker corona. A drawn out groan from behind her made Celeste back away from the power crystals. Within moments they too were outlined by the same dark blue flickers. The few remaining hunters in the clearing were fleeing it with frightened faces. When Celeste looked back at the mages, she wanted to as well. What floated above the grass now was a portal in true, its edges outlined in bright light. But what lay within it was not the other side of the clearing, nor the caverns of Avernum. Rather, it was a swirling vortex of glowing red. Tychius was shouting something to his students. She couldn't make out what he said as the creaking from the crystals behind her were blotting out nearly all the noise in the clearing. Perhaps it was her imagination, but it seemed the wind had shifted, now blowing towards and through the portal, if portal it was.

Just as the moans from the power crystals were reaching a crescendo, the portal shrunk to a point, then disappeared. Silence reigned once more in the clearing, punctuated by the gasps of apprentices as they collapsed to the group. Tychius was the only one who remained standing, albeit shakily. "What was that?" Celeste managed to ask.

Someone rushed behind her to inspect the crystals. "The power crystals," one of the Hunter captains demanded, "are they damaged?"

"We're fine too, thanks," one of the apprentices muttered darkly. His neighbour quickly motioned him to be silent.

Tychius made his way toward Celeste and the Hunter captain, blotting his forehead. "I'll have to inspected them more closely to be sure," he declared a few moments after passing his eyes over them. "I'll know for certain after two, three days."

"What?" the captain sputtered. "We cannot wait that long. The internment camps are restless enough as is!"

"Your... camps... can stay as they are for a little while longer yet," the Archmage responded with a grimace. "Besides," he added in a lower voice for Celeste, "my students will need their rest after that shock."

"Tychius," Celeste asked again, "what was that?"

"A most unlikely event," he responded. "There was a portal down there. Unfortunately for us, it was in use as we tried probing it. Miraculously for us, we were able to sever it before it fully opened."

"And if it had fully opened? What would have happened?"

Tychius smiled grimly. "Bad things." He left it at that.

"At least there is someone still down there," the Hunter captain said, more politely this time. "When you do try again, how can we be sure you mages won't kill us?" Well, slightly more politely.

"There are some schemes for ensuring this sort of thing will not happen," Tychius responded. "However, they do require the cooperation of the mages running the portal on the other side. Until then, I can promise that we will be... more cautious on our next attempt." He raised an eyebrow when the captain looked like he was about to burst out again. "Unless you have any better ideas?"

He didn't.


"All the fires have been started, Battlemage."

Brand nodded. "Then let us be off, before anyone sees us." He mounted his horse, and his group began riding after him as he made for the trees.

The dealings with the Dominion had not gone well. He knew that they would be reluctant to drop their alliance with the Hunters, but he was sure they would give at least some assistance to the Phoenix Empire. In the end, they had become quite heated.

"Only a fool grasps a serpent by the tail and hopes he is not bitten. But you, you hope to direct the serpent's strikes as well."

Well. Perhaps the Council members were not the only ones who had lost their temper.

As he reached the trees, he stopped for a moment to consider his work. This village only had one granary on the outskirts, but he had ordered it set aflame anyway. Inside the village proper, the small barracks was also ablaze. Empty, however; a shame. When he had encountered the courier bearing the dire news of the Hunter attack as he was leaving the Dominion's lands, he had immediately dismissed his advice to head north and rejoin the rest of the forces. He and his small force of battlemages were far east of Kriszan, and well south of the path the army would take as it moved toward North Karnold. The few Hunters he had encountered had been shocked to find members of the 51st Regiment here. He and his men had killed all they had fought directly, but were careful to let those who watched from a distance escape. He wanted the Hunters to know the folly of turning on the Phoenix Empire.

And if the Hunters wondered why a group of battlemages bearing no insignias were attacking the lands so close to the Dominion border... If Brand was unable to coerce the Dominion to turn on the Hunters, the least he could do was strain the relations between them.
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Sarah sighed, watching the horizon of mountains to the south. Three groups of men had departed Dellston. The smaller of the two had headed northwest, to Bengaro. The larger and more heavily armed group, consisting of a greater concentration of war priests and seasoned fighters, headed south to Littleton. The final group, consisting of a Wraith and a few scouts, headed toward Appleton and Gale. Each group had a horseman who would act as a messenger to Sanctuary. She didn't expect to receive word from the scouting party for quite some time, but she still felt anxious about the other two groups.

Then a cry went out; a horseman was riding in from the north, bearing the Sanctuary standard. The messenger soon arrived in Dellston, and informed Sarah that Bengaro offered no resistance; Sanctuary had brought it under their control. Four additional hours passed, though, before the messenger from Littleton had arrived. Whereas Bengaro had been taken easily, what remained of the Looters had been waiting in Littleton en masse, prepared to make a final stand against Sanctuary's ever-continuing expansion. Sanctuary lost almost a quarter of their men in the ensuing battle. It wasn't for naught, though; Littleton was taken, and the Looters were vanquished.


Ferrrald excitedly led Amarfrra to the glove shop while Shamgar tailed behind rather sullenly. Soon, the glove shop was in sight. Ferrrald and Shamgar strided boldly into the glove shop, but Amarfrra hesitated. He made a quick check of his surroundings for escape routes and potential ambushes, then made sure that his throwing knives were still easily accessible. Satisfied that he was ready for any misfortune that might come his way, he entered the shop.

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Howard Shears sat wistfully as he composed a letter. He had become rogue, his ambitions centering entirely around himself. He pressed the final strokes of his signature thoughtfully and held the parchment to the light...

Benedict, of Blackcrag Pass, you have my salutations.

It has dawned on me I shall be a consort of thieves no more. I need a remedy for my thoughts, and I have decided the town of Dorngas will perform that task dutifully. I have received news of Amadis being too foolish to evade Lorelei's guards, in addition to attempting to have friendly relations with southerners. Join me Benedict, for I will be subordinate to Amadis no more. His name shall live in my empire, my realm, but his den of thieves shall be of the past.

Howard Shears

Howard stepped dutifully out of the room. His would-be subjects stood below the ledge, and from there they marched past the gates, past the mountains and over the bridge, and eight days later their destination lay in sight.

Dorngas was frail, it's defenses weakened by destruction several generations ago. Now, eighty years later, a group of men dressed in standard garb walked haphazardly in its direction. Many of them were pulling carts, others donned tattered leather. They seemed like a very large caravan and nothing less.

The guards watched stoically as they entered. Several children bustled about the town square, only to be driven out by Howard's rebellion.

Howard stepped up to the base of a lone statue in the town square. He spoke with deliberation, "Surrender to me Dorngas, or we shall slay you."

The guards took immediate notice and withdrew their weapons. A battle ensued, one in vain and tyranny. The guards were slain, as well as ten of the thieves, but Howard seemed undeterred. He had no remorse, only satisfaction in his new realm.


Amadis laid his head between his knees. Word had been sent from Benedict, and townspeople had it that Dorngas had been captured by strange men. Luscinda, meanwhile, was only capable of staring into a distant galaxy. They had no time to think of the crux, though, for Ferrrald entered at that moment.

Ferrrald and Amarfrra entered the shop together, though the latter expressed a stoic countenance. The next half hour involved detailed conversation, but eventually the following occurred.

"We wish Skribbane," Amarfrra said, "I also wish a reply, for I am tired of listening to you."

"Very well," Amadis said. He retreated to his quarters behind the shop, and emerged with fresh parchment ten minutes later.

To Iocabe, leader of the Sancuary of Telkavoth; addressed by Amadis, the Ingenuity of the Thieves Guild:

The Isle of Bigail has yielded a surplus of Skribbane in past years. In that regard, I shall sell the herb to you at extremely cheap prices, for it is against our honor to offer free gifts.

Amarfrra, for that is his name, has also sent word of a suggested alliance. I have offered to do so previously, though penned as a common man named Derek. I will make sure to aid your arrival to the best of my mortal ability, for the King of Midori wishes my head. However, I wish to seize Softport undisturbed, for I feel it would greatly enhance our commerce.

One of my consorts has betrayed me, for his mind has become rogue. He has committed a foolish crime, which I have unraveled to the Nephil you have sent. I shall restore my control, and he shall be no longer. Thus, I shall accept your hand of alliance, but be warned, I will not tolerate those who spurn me.

Alas, I have business to attend to and shall write no further.

Amarfrra accepted the letter, leaving the remaining to their undoing.

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“You’re not really helping out our situation at all, Prussian,” Angelo looked to the adventurer. Gale was indeed not accepting visitors, so the arrival strangers at their docks guarded by what seemed to be warriors from Avernum was met with open hostility. Soldiers had their weapons drawn, and there must have been a hundred empire archers pointing their deadly arrows at Angelo’s entourage. This wasn’t counting the crowd of angry citizens that stood behind them with pitchforks and rocks already prepared. Angelo hadn’t been in Gale since he was a child, but it really hadn’t changed all that much. “Lower your weapon, Prussian.”

The adventurer slowly obeyed, “You better have a damned good plan to get us out of this, my lord.”

“I’ve spent the last few months thriving in hell, I should hope at the very least I would know how to deal with a few of my fellow Imperials.” Angelo looked down to the wooden box he was carrying, then back to the crowd. “In the name of the Empire, have your leader come forward.”

A greasy-haired middle-aged man surrounded by guards stepped forward, he was booed by the crowd, and, as he stepped forward, people threw rotten fruit and vegetables at him. “Who are you, strangers? Unless you’re envoys sent by the Crown itself, I suggest you leave before I can no longer hold them back.”

Angelo planned his response carefully, “We are the envoys of a great power, come to reclaim the land. We demand a meeting with the Mayor of this town.” Angelo stood firm. Prussian wondered how Angelo thought he was in a position to be making such demands. The young lord’s confident demeanor must have been working, however. The Mayor reluctantly saw them to the city hall, though he probably just did this to get away from the ravenous crowd, who continued to throw various items at him as he fled. The group was soon sitting down with him in the hall.

“I hope you’ve been having better luck wherever your from. Things here have really been spiraling downward lately.”

Angelo leaned close to the Mayor, “My friend, I must come clean with you. I am, in fact, representing an Imperial noble, a true one. Even now she awaits a only the appropriate time for her triumphant return.”

The Mayor smiled for the first time in months, “It can not be! Are you serious? Why didn’t you mention this before?”

“Building catharsis. Never underestimate the power of revelation.” Angelo pulled out his wooden box and began to fiddle with the lock. Suddenly, Prussian stopped him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“My lord, the Lady… she gave me this note. When I explained to her the situation in Gale, she wrote this and told me to give it to you before you opened your little box.”

Angelo put the box down and accepted the note. “The seal is broken…”

“What, it’s not like I had a damn clue what the note meant anyway.”

Angelo shook his head and read the message. He seemed confused at first as well, but suddenly frowned when he realized its meaning. He looked to the Mayor. “You’re not very popular around here, are you, my friend?”

The Mayor slouched in his chair. “We have fallen on hard times. I’ve tried so hard, but I can barely maintain control of the people inside these walls, and the nearby cities are practically at war with me. Food is low, we’re almost out of money. The damn anarchists outside have practically been trying to kill me for weeks! Does your master have an army? Can you quell the chaos outside? I don’t want to hurt them but they really leave me little choice.”

“Yes, yes. Worry not, my friend. No civilians need be harmed, and you will no longer need to bear the burden of leadership here.”

The Mayor smiled again, “The city is yours. But don’t expect the people here to welcome you with open arms so soon. Noble or not, it will take work. I am willing to do my part.”

Angelo was frowning deeply now. “Oh, they will welcome us. They will love us. But first, I must take something from you. Do not worry, I will give it back, and I assure you that you and your family will be taken care of when this is all over.”

“Look, you have my city, what more could you possibly…”

“Your head. I need your head.”

There were a few seconds of silence before the Mayor responded, terrified, “I have been a loyal Imperial all my life! I have done nothing wrong! I’ll pledge my loyalty to you! I’ll do anything! Don’t do this! Please!” Angelo nodded to Prussian, and then moved towards the door. He did not want to see what was about to happen. “No! My lord! Don’t! Plea- aaaahhhcschhhh.”


Angelo looked down at the note that Prussian had given him, written in his mother’s elegant hand:

Borrow a head to calm a mob.

As always, her stratagem had worked brilliantly. Even now, he could hear the people outside, cheering. Gale belonged to the Lady now, at the cost of one good man. It seemed unnecessary, but she must have been testing him to see if he could be brutal when he was called upon to be. He had passed her test. Hopefully, the other cities would bow to her without any bloodshed. He patted the as of yet unopened box in his lap. Yes, Anglo believed they would.

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