Who celebrates Christmas?

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AuthorTopic: Who celebrates Christmas?
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Well, yesterday my family got our tree decorated.

And now I can't wait, for winter bread to start, to go to church on Christmas Eve night, to look at house lights in the van with my jacket on and the heater on, to be warm at home and drinking hot chocolate while reading bible verses, and going to sleep, humming silent night to get me to sleep easier. And I will wake up to more presents then there were last night. And the filled stockings.

:D Christmas in great.

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Originally written by Excalibur:

...So I suppose Santa pulls a sleight with kangaroos there.
This is one of the better typos I've seen recently. If only it was deliberate!

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I'll be eating Chinese food on Christmas, yeah. I don't really celebrate it so much, but my family and some of my friends occasionally exchange a few gifts around then.
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Excalibur: Yes, he does actually! Some guy wrote a song called "6 white boomers" which is about Santa swapping his reindeer for roos and stuff.

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I celebrate my own holiday where i jump around like a kangaroo and eat pine needles.

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Christmas smells like ripe mangoes.

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I celebrate Christmas.....and merry Christmas to all that celebrate it!!!

And for those who don't, i wish you all to have a merry day!!!
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