Jest and Youthful Jolity

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AuthorTopic: Jest and Youthful Jolity
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Originally written by troglodyte #1:

Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar:

I have my last final for the semester on friday. Then I hope to go the rest of the year without doing a single thing that so much as resembles work. Christmas dinner and whatnot is someone else's problem, and I've already bought other people's gifts. I will likely become nocturnal, gain several pounds, and reek because I don't plan on showering or changing my clothes either. Hey, it's a tradition.
Um, date much, ET?

Um yeah, so probably this is a case of tongue in cheek. Either that, or he doesn't make plans and just lets things happen to him. Like floating islands.

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I'll be enjoying wonderful summery weather and going to the beach because it's summer here!!

Christmas will be spent in my mother-in-law's pool; New Year's will probably be spent at the beach.

Did I mention I love summer?

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Shovel. Toboggan (Nephew #1 should be old enough to join in now). Bake and subsequently eat various delicacies. Go carolling at least once. Gave out gift baskets to some quasi-old people last night. Chinese gift exchange on Christmas Eve, along with one specific gift for whoever's name you drew from a hat. Maybe do a day hike in Jasper area; still up in the air. New Year's Eve party. New Year's Day potluck and games night at church. Set up my computer to dual boot with Ubuntu. Teach myself C++. Read half a dozen books (just because I didn't read during fall semester doesn't mean I didn't buy books during that time). Play FreeSpace until I can kill Shivans in my sleep.

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Last year, like many years, we had a white Christmas. Doesn't matter this year as I'll be gone.

Those blue Christmas', they're quite a bummer.

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I can now say that I have gotten a Christmas tree in the dark. (Legally.)

Despite it being much faster than getting a Christmas tree during the day, Dikiyoba hopes to never do it again. Blackberry brambles should be seen, not felt.

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