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AuthorTopic: Eat It!
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I'm not really fond of fast food, myself.
I'll do Wendy's or Taco Bell when time is an issue; and simply hunt for a diner when it's not.
In lieu of the social barbarism without diners out here in Ohio, I'll do Chipotle.

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My fast food has and always will be the local fast food joints. It's the place where you get to konw the owner and know what is in your food. Scotty's in Idaho Falls is the best.

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I enjoy Subway now and then, although I'm not sure if that counts as fast food. No other fast-food though. I don't think I ate a hamburger in 2007. May have in 2006 once or twice.

As a rule, I prefer teaching myself to cook. It's cheaper and gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment (not wholly unlike that of reaching a high Cooking skill in Runescape, but so much less pointless).

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Nobody likes Culvers? Their pot roast sandwich is awesome. Frozen custard for desert too.

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I love Culver's, but it's in Wisconsin, and I'm not.

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I love Taco Bell, Wendy's, J in the B, and KFC.

Not a fan of Chipotle - everything tastes the same and there's no texture distinctions like at Taco Bell. Also not enough cheese.

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Originally written by Arancaytar:

[Learning to cook is] cheaper and gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment (not wholly unlike that of reaching a high Cooking skill in Runescape, but so much less pointless).
We may have to bend over backwards to do it, but eventually we can make enough contact with reality to keep our species alive: cooking is less pointless than Runescape.

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I must be deprived...because I've never even heard of Chipotle.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

Does Jamba Juice count as fast food? If so, that wins by far.
Heh. Now that brings back memories. "You know you spent listless afternoons in San Mateo when..."

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