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Nalyd has a fairly large collection of webcomics/online graphic novels, and ravenously devours their updates. He is curious about any that other Spiderweb members like, and of course wants to promote his. Here they are, labeled for your convenience.

OOtS and Erfworld Of course.

Inverloch and The Phoenix Requiem Inverloch is finished, and The Phoenix Requiem is new.

Two Kinds

The Noob Comic Making fun of MMORPGs. Hurrah.

Bardsworth A bit childish.

Khaos Komix Sexual orientation centric. Not smut, but not child appropriate.

Brathalla The daily life of a pantheon.

True Magic Not too good.

Drow Tales It's about the drow. Not child appropriate.

Last Blood A nice, refreshing spin on the vampire.

Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes You know you wondered.

Untitled Comedy #34 Random. Not child appropriate.

Aether A little generic.

PC Weenies We can relate.

Post-Nuke A nice post-apoc.

Too Much Information Not child appropriate.

Comedity Rather random.

Home on the Strange

Geek Blather Not child appropriate.

Jack Really not child appropiate.

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I think I would probably enjoy several of those (some of those topics seem interesting) if I had the time and patience to look through them thoroughly. Right now I do not, sorry.

Would this breach the CoC as advertising?

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Hopefully not.

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Funny, PostNuke is also a content management system. I read three of those listed. But those three aren't as good as some of the other ones I read:

- XKCD. FFS, this should be at the top of every webcomic list.

- Girl Genius - lots of Steampunk and Mad Science
- Questionable Content
- Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire
- Sinfest
- Decorum
- LinT
- Dungeon Crawl Inc.
- Scary Go Round

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Originally written by Arancaytar:

- Girl Genius - lots of Phil Foglio and suggestively clad cartoons. And Mad Science.


Edit - For the record, as it does reflect on my character, I find both Order of the Stick and XCKD to be exceedingly banal and soap operaish. I read GG, QC, and most recently I saw the noob. Like all serialized fiction, they are best taken in large and infrequent doses. This daily/MWF/weekly update thing is just lame.

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Penny Arcade

One of the few I follow, along with OotS and xkcd.

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Player vs Player
General Protection Fault
Penny Arcade
Order of the Stick
Questionable Content
Something Positive

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Originally written by The Ratt:

Would this breach the CoC as advertising?
Are the people making the posts making any money from the sites? No. Let the mods do their job.

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I enjoy Dresden Codak a great deal, particularly the old, random cartoons, few though they are. An interested person should really begin here.

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The only one Dikiyoba reads that hasn't been mentioned yet is Irregular Webcomic.

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I just spent the last 3 hours reading "The Noob Comic." I can totally relate to it from my experience on ffxi. >.<

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My list has grown.

xkcd is required reading for everyone on the internet.

Order of the Stick is required reading for anyone who plays, has played, or maybe one day will play D&D. After that, you can get some extra credit from Goblins.

Questionable Content is required reading for... uh... indie hipsters, mostly. I'm not quite sure why I started reading it, but I find it entertaining.

Something Positive is entirely optional, but hilarious and well worth the time. Or possibly required reading for anyone who is alive. I'm not sure yet.

Girl Genius is required reading for anyone who has conquered the world, is in the process of assembling robot/mutant/zombie hordes, or intends to show them, show them all one day.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is essentially unrelated comics that are funny maybe 10% of the time, but it's updated daily, so there's something funny pretty regularly. I'm pretty sure it's not actually worth the slog through garbage, though.

Simulated Comic Product is the same thing, but weekly and far better.

Dresden Codak was better when it random. This plot thing isn't working out so well.

Dominic Deegan, mostly for nostalgia.

Chopping Block is what Ziggy should be. Serial killers can actually be hilarious!

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Also, two comics "indexes"-


Top Web Comics

Probably more than anyone ever needs, but whatever.

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I'd assume that buzzcomix and topwebcomics are common knowledge to anyone reading webcomics?

Dr. McNinja - A doctor who is also a ninja.

Looking for Group - An elf warrior looking to right some wrongs; and possibly picking the wrong crowd for it. From the makers of Least I Could Do.

Misfile - Okay, so the premise is terrible (a boy who has been turned into a girl), but the writing is pretty damn solid, and if you enjoy a soap opera, I'd say this one ranks pretty high.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella - One of those superhero comics where the hero is good for nothing. But hey, it's a woman!

The Perry Bible Fellowship - Short humor strips which might require some capacity for thought to understand.

A Softer World - Not exactly comics in the sense that they aren't drawn. Some solid photography combined with quite interesting musings. (The server seems to be down right now. Hopefully it's not forever.)

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