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AuthorTopic: Why Mactintosh
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Do you consider that not everyone speaks English as their first language.You cant expect that everyone has perfect grammar or spelling or whatever other thing?

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In that case, it is acceptable. . . Maybe. However, that's not always the case, and unless they state that English is not their first language, it shouldn't be assumed.

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This topic has convinced me that there is no way to have a productive discussion on Jeff's preference in computers when programming. It was doing well for a while, but once again devolved into some mindless bickering over typing skills. I support Alec's assessment 100%.

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True, I never bought a Avernen game
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Originally written by Dragonlorddrakon:

Okay, you have to be a gimmick.
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Hey, that could easily have been a typo. Look on your keyboard and notice that the N and M key are right next to each other (if you're in the US).

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But e and u are far apart. It's Avernum.
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I support Alec's assessment 100%.[/QB]

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As I recall, when we've had this discussion before, we said that people ought to make a good-faith effort to use correct writing mechanics (which includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, whatever). If they're clearly trying, even if they're failing, they can't be blamed.

But attempting to correct someone else while making an egregious error of one's own is just embarrassing.

Incidentally, I'm surprised that this topic hasn't been locked yet. Is the discussion really useful?

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Good point Kel.
It was only useful up until Reply 1, but since then 6 different moderators have made 10 different posts, so my assumption is that there is value in this discussion.

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Originally written by The Iffy Muffin who...does stuff...:

The new people tend to overuse smileys and punctuation. And spelling, usually.
Never trust a new person who overuses spelling. They may overuse their intelligence next.

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