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I cannot cross the bridge because I have just one gold coin. I have been fighting all the battles and still have just one coin. I inadvertently bought something that I did not need at the shop.
How do I cross the bridge? I keep getting killed when I try to cross by fighting. HELP
I dont want to have to start again.
also how in another saved game I have going do I get back outside of the Gulag Tav place. Two of my character died in the Ordeal.
I have to get outside soon or this game will be over because my characters will starve to death and die.
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As far as the bridge goes, just sell something so you do have enough coins or use the character editor to give yourself enough coins, whichever is easier.

Dikiyoba can't help with the other question, though.

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To raise money, try going back to home base and looting items that are marked NY (not yours) where no one will see you take them. Selling items is still your best bet until you are able to fight the toll fomarians.

I need some more information for your other question. Exactly where are you when you can't leave? Galag-Trav has buttons that need to be pushed to open gates so you may have missed one. I doubt you will starve, but trying to fight with a weakened party is hard.

You might have more luck posting in Nethergate forum since some members there don't like to read General (Hey Tyran is taking a vacation and he hates reading General).

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The easiest solution to gold is to go back to somewhere you've already cleared, like the goblins you first dealt with. There are probably some swords lying around somewhere. Pick them up and sell them.

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Yes. I make maybe 60% of my money by selling absolutely anything in a town that's worth more then three gold. Cups, Plates, Goblets, Bronze weapons, Wooden shields. You'd be amazed by the ammount you get from a bit of hard work.

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