Most in depth game.

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AuthorTopic: Most in depth game.
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The only spiderweb games I've actually registered were Exile III and BoE. I was blown away by how in depth Exile III was.... just how much there was to it. Playing the demos for other spiderweb games I haven't had the feeling that there was such a big epic behind them... but of course that was just the demo. I haven't personally been a big fan of the Avernum series (I just don't like the game engine) and so haven't even fully explored the demos of them.

I was wanting to know:
What game(s) are the most in depth. Which ones are the big epics, and which ones are slightly lighter?

What are people's thoughts?
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Avenrum games are the Exile plots (except for Avernum 4) rewritten with a new game engine. So Avernum and Exile are the major epics with several major quests and plenty of minor ones to keep you exploring the world for days. The Blades games were meant to be smaller scenarios that could be created by players, so how big an epic depends upon the creator.

Geneforge series are set in a different world where you get to make moral decisions about which side you want to help in battle as you explore the area. These are also epics set in chapters.

Nethergate and its remake Nethergate: Resurrection are set in a smaller setting, but still are pretty large. Not quite as big as Exile, but you get to explore the world from two different viewpoints.
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As far as storyline is concerned, Exile/Avernum II is considered to be one of the most complex games Jeff has written.

Concerning Geneforge there are a lot of different views on which one's the best. It is my understanding that this is due to the fact that not everybody began the Geneforge series with Game 1. I personally started with Geneforge III and found it a wondrous concept and epic game as well. Playing 1 and 2 later I could see they were great games too, but I found it difficult to adapt to the older engine (number of creation types, no anvil etc.) so I guess that makes the decision even more difficult.

Geneforge 4 is a fantastic game with a great plot and very pretty graphics and fx. So my recommendation would be:

Avernum 2 (even though the engine is quite dated), Geneforge 3 & 4 (to be played in that order, though a lot of people won't find that agreeable. But it's my post, innit? :P )

edit: rephrased for clarification

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The Geneforge consensus actually seems to be that G3 is the weakest, with G1 and G4 vying for top spot. I think G4 is best, followd by G1, but I also think both G2 and G3 are very fine games. If you possibly can, I'd really recommend starting with G1 and working your way through the series in order.

To answer the specific question: None of the Geneforge games is exactly light; they're all firmly in the epic category, and together they make one giant epic, with one long plot arc, recurring characters, and slowly developing basic themes.

But one major difference between Geneforge and Jeff's other games is that the Geneforge world is divided into zones (mini-maps, all basically of the same size). Each game has somewhere around 50-60+ zones, and if you clear one, it stays clear, and you can move through it instantly forever after (if you want).

So this lends itself to episodic play. It also lends itself to 'I'll just explore one more zone tonight -- I have to see what's in there!'

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It is still true, I think, that none of Jeff's other games is anywhere near as large as E/A3. If you liked E/A3, you'll probably like the other Exile or Avernum games, and it's worth giving Geneforge a shot, maybe with GF1 (still probably has the most immersive-world feel that an E/A3 had) or GF4 (generally considered the finest game in the series).

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What does jeff illustrate in avernum? does it illustrate community problems, racism, understanding,the loss of freedom for the gain of control and of security showed by the Empire, the delma of surviving, cooping with life, hope, and most of all taking a stand to parental structures?
Is this why so many young people are so attracted to these games and stories? Is it because they give us a purpose ? Is society giving us games to feel that we have a purpose?

I'm only asking, i don't know the answers.

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I cannot imagine how Jeff actually managed to get Exile 3 out the door. It is so incredibly massive. I remember playing the demo as a little kid and wondering when it would end. Then it surprised me by throwing me into the Tower of Magi, where I died nearly instantly.

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I know I spent a long time on the Exile 3 demo, but I never got to Day 160, so I never had to unexpectedly deal with the Tower of Magi, barring a few tasty rewards from Solberg. I was pretty sure at the time that after I recovered the Orb of Thralni, my adventuring was over.

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I spent a whole summer on Exile 4. Great game, great game.
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I'd have to say Exile/Avernum II is my personal favorite epic. It has the best storyline of every one of Jeff's games that I've played (I haven't played Avernum 4 yet).
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Originally written by Karamea:

I was wanting to know:
What game(s) are the most in depth. Which ones are the big epics, and which ones are slightly lighter?

What are people's thoughts?

I agree with SoT's recommendation of Geneforge series. The engine is very different, but these games are the best in terms of breadth of choises that actually impact the plot. As with all series, the later games are more polished, so if you just want to play one of them, try Geneforge 4 or Geneforge 2.

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I'm having to agree with people here.

Avernum 2 is probably the one I found the most in-depth of the Exile/Avernums, with Exile 3 slightly behind it (Exile 2 was just too simple for me).

Out of the Geneforge games, Geneforge 1 was the first "epic" story for me, but I found that Geneforge 4 got the series back on track after a bit of a blunder throguh 2 and 3 (I played the demo of 2 so much that those mountains still haunt me, and 3 just seemed so weak- nop to mention fluffy thahds). So, GF1 was the major Epic for me, but GF4 is probably the most fun GF game- as well as starting you on the other viewpoint for a change.

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I only like the Geneforge series and I like all of them including 3. I don't get what everyone always complains about. The funny thing is, it might be my favorite. That may be because it was my first. It was definitely good enough to make me want to go back and play 2 and 1. To go against the grain even more, I think I liked 4 the least. All of them rate high for me though.
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I thought the beginning of geneforge 4 was too much like the other games, in that while you are on the other side it just starts with "The shapers are attacking" instead of "The rebels are attacking". A bigger difference would've been nice.
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In G1 and G2 you wander around some ruins, and encounter a few minor rogues, before reaching a friendly village which is very far from the real action, and where nobody really knows much. It's ages before you encounter anything like a rebel, or any important orthodox Shapers for that matter, either.

In G3 the rebels have just finished attacking, which was already pretty different from the previous games, and you have some serious fighting to do before you can reach any actual town; but you're still a long way from anyone who will tell you anything important, on either side.

In G4 you meet General Greta and a Kyshakk right off the bat, and get into some serious doo-doo about ten minutes later. To me that seems pretty different.

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