Poor Man's Starbound?

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AuthorTopic: Poor Man's Starbound?
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I didn't really like ether of them. Games like that arn't really my favorites.

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I tried out Starbound II and there are differences between it and Galactic Core. SB2 has a lot of items you can build on the surface of a planet, but nothing really in orbit. In GC, you don't really "build" the items, you "buy" the items. Ship-to-ship combat is very much simplified in GC, and so is ship-to-planet. I don't really see that many similarities. All space faring games are going to have space stations, and different types of ships, and colony ships, and colonizers, and troops, and troop transports. The similarities I see are there because there are some things every space game has.

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Moo3 is awful... if you want a good strategy-space game, you should try out galactic civilizations (GalCiv).


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Might I turn any PC owners on to Space Empires IV? In my opinion its THE best game of its kind. Go to Malfador.com for info on it.

But anyway enough free publicity to them.

Starbound III? you mean SBII right?

Anyone know where I can get SBII? any like online thrift shops or anything of that sort?

And no offense but Spiderwebs GC site wasnt very helpfull, and i couldent get the demo as my mac is in theshop, so uhh can anyone tell e how this game handles species? Can you make your own, pick one, or is it set?

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In random games, you get to pick one of six. Each species has its own 5 scenario campaign, though if you check out the other GC thread at the moment, at least two are unplayable due to bugs. The different species are only really distinguished by ship design anyway.
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Originally posted by X:
The different species are only really distinguished by ship design anyway.
There are a few tokentistic technological differences thrown in as well -- for instance, some races can use fractal cores while others can't; some can get the speed upgrade, others can't, etc.

There's nowhere near the well-thought-out genuine diversity that can be found in Starbound II. It all seems hurried, contrived, and put in just to make it *seem* like the species really are different. In a way this is both a pro and a con; it takes a lot less time to learn how to play any particular species (which also makes for simpler, quicker gameplay), but that also means that the game wears out its welcome after only a few weeks and you get sick of it because it lacks depth. After playing it quite a lot each day for almost a month, I just woke up one morning and didn't have the slighest inclination to even diddle with it. Haven't touched it since then... But it was fun while it lasted. It's sort of the "cotton candy" of strategy games.
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[Edit: This post could be construed as racism. This post is definitely spam. Stop.]

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I've only played EV and EVN, but I liked the original best.

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Ran across and downloaded another conquer-the-galaxy-and-build-up-your-planets'-economies-to-build-more-ships game. This one's called Spaceward Ho! by Delta Tao software (http://www.deltatao.com/). It could do without the forced cowboy references that permeate the graphics and sound effects, but the interface is very intuitive and is somewhat challenging.

It's also quite amusing. If you're loosing you can activate your Armageddon Device and randomly destroy half the galaxy. I used it once, and haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. The graphics and sound effects for activating the Device are perfect. It's worth downloading just to see it.

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A similar game to galatic core (from what I've heard) is the Windows freeware game: Warpath by Synthetic Reality it's are really fun game and I believe that the programmers have created an RPG.

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This is also a good site
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Originally written by Sir David:

I played that once, got bored, played again a month later, threw it out. I don't know about being a poor man's Starbound though... I did the same with that, so I really can't compare the two.
that's because rpg players are the gaming equivalent of jerry springer viewers

Also, the MOO series is among my favorite series of games, bar none.

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Are you aware that this topic was started at the 5th December 2002. Today, it's the 5th December 2003.

Simply amazing.

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I wish it were the 5th of November instead. I'm in the mood to burn effigies.

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Originally written by Milla:

A similar game to galatic core (from what I've heard) is the Windows freeware game: Warpath by Synthetic Reality it's are really fun game and I believe that the programmers have created an RPG.
This is a pretty good game, yeah. WoS is addictive, but not too great.

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EVN was the worst of the EV series. It made the player seem like some sort of God. :mad: Which is terrible. No one is a god, yeah they may be a good pilot, but not a god. Anyway, I like GC. :) It doesn't have the mineral restrictions that SpaceWard Ho! does, and you can play the whole thing unlike Star Bound II. Although I liked the ablility in SBII to be able to control your ships in battle. :P

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I didn't even get as far as decompressing the dratted EV Nova .SIT file! Apparently you need a version of StuffIt Expander that was only around for a few days, and Ambrosia has refused to rectify the faulty SIT file... I really enjoyed the first two Escape Velocity games, though, and would very much like to at least have an opportunity to generate a first-hand antipathy towards the third one!

Yes, I quickly tired of Spacward Ho! because of how unvaried it was. Galactic Core at least has different ship designs and pretty planets to look at. The whole graphic design of Spaceward Ho was, in a word, ugly.

EDIT: With regards to Ironweed's post -- surely I deserve some kind of award for having started the longest-lived Galactic Core topic? However, I must humbly admit that I had no idea how long this topic had been around!

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Well I finally obtained a copy of Master of Orion, and have been playing it almost non-stop for several days now. Quite an enjoyable game, with lots of variety in methods of game play. My only complaint is the rather awkward interface, and some of the graphics aren't too great.

I bought Master of Orion II for 99 cents on eBay (!), and it should be arriving soon. The first MoO game I got more as a sampler to see if I liked their approach to the conquer-the-galaxy genre, and I do. I'm looking forward to even more variety, detail, and niftier graphics in this second one.
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Sit tight as the famous thread goes into its 3rd year, with not even 2 full pages. :P

I *loved* EV Nova (which is the only one I played of all of them). Of all games I've seen which end with the player ending up as powerful as the universe, sort of, this is the only one that cannot be classed as plotless stuff for 8-year-old juveniles with an ego complex. I think it manages to achieve this by putting the god-power *outside* of the game, and into the background story.

Where in the actual action do you possess any uber power? You can't use all those weird mental powers or 'weaves' in a battle, right (in as far as I played the game; I've only finished the Polaris plot so far and haven't got far with the Rebel one yet)? The only time they're mentioned is in the text.

Seriously, this game and Asimov were the two things that made me stop hating Sci-fi. And that's something. ;)

Edit: 42nd Post! Go Douglas Adams!

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Master of Orion II is way, way more complicated than the first one. The manual is quite big, and the whole set up is frightfully complex. After playing it on Tutorial difficulty, with most of the options turned off, and being toasted the first few times regardless I sort of gave up on it for a few days. But I came back after reading more of the manual, and finally am getting the hang of it. But boy oh boy, is it complicated! But it also has a lot of depth to it — much more than the first game — and the graphics are great. But I was rather appalled that the interface for this one was even worse than for the first.

Still, all in all, a wise buy for 99 cents — although I did have to pay $8 for shipping and handling!

By the way, I too would probably be playing EV Nova like a junkie if I could get that DANGBLASTED SIT FILE TO UNSTUFF PROPERLY! Ambrosia is terrible about "customer service," having failed fix it or reply to my queries.

Anybody else have troulbe unstuffing it? It'll decompress the documentation and one or two of the data files, and then stop due to some incomprehensible error.
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A bad download, maybe? I've had trouble with some Ambrosia files before, but usually downloading again from a different mirror resolves the corrupted compression errors.

—Alorael, who also appreciates the Polaris storyline for being one of the few optional plots in games that you really do stumble into accidentally. And then stumble into again when trying to get into a different plotline. Those Vell-os are everywhere!
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Okay, maybe I was the only one who could play through MoO2 with Repulsive disadvantage, no advantages on impossible and Antarans attack and still win without breaking a sweat. Oh well.

To be honest, I've never played any of the other games mentioned here, but looking at some of them I might take a look.
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Outrunning the feds on Sol with my Thunderhead (named, oh so appropriately 'Death Defyer' :P ), after refusing the Vell-os was something...

But I have to admit that after stumbling into the Bureau storyline three times in a row, I peeked into the walkthrough to see where I went wrong. Turns out this little cargo run to Sol is the culprit... what a surprise. :D

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Originally written by The Post Count Also Rises:

A bad download, maybe? I've had trouble with some Ambrosia files before, but usually downloading again from a different mirror resolves the corrupted compression errors.
The SIT file that I've tried in vain to decompress was on their latest Demo CD. It's 80 MB or so, making it impossible for me to download using dial-up — so even if they have fixed it on their website, it's effectively unavailable to me.


And about Master of Orion II: I enjoy playing as the Silicoids, since they don't need food and are immune to industrial waste. The repulsive disadvantage doesn't bother me that much — when dealing with other races, I just have to put extra butter on their toast in the form of harmless technology gifts.

Besides, the Silicoids are nifty-looking and made of rock! How much cooler can you get?

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Spaceward Ho! My cousin and I still play that game these days. Sometimes we plug my toaster, aka Mac 512E and play it. Last time was probably a year or so ago, but we felt nostalgic since we were discussing the extreme lack of good SF games for computer these days.

Another such bout of nostalgia was for a game called. . . "Universe II" You can download this little gem from any of the OldAsHellWares out there. It probably will be 200K or so (200k!!! OMG!) The game is very simple, but my cousin and I love to sit down and watch those miner shuttles go down to the planet and pick resources. Also, it has a very, very basic section where you go down to planets and chat with people and find out information.

Similar in that vein (sp? the word just lost all meaning to me!) is a game, not quite as old, called "Starflight" (1 and 2 and some enterprising people were working on 3, but I haven't check in ages. . . time to do so now! I found this!) which was pretty cool, for its time. You could even go down into planets in this cute little vehicle and check for ruins, get resources and fight thingies.

I tried "Infinite Adventures in something or other Space" and hated it. Please if you've play it, tell me how good or bad is it? I've heard so many good things about it here and there, yet I couldn't play it for more than two minutes (quite a critical opinion, huh?)

The original Reach of the Stars was an awesome game. I bought the newer version and, though still very good, it takes a while to get the hang of it.

Moo is cool, Moo2 is the best game of its kind ever made, and so far from what I've seen it will remain in its throne for some time to come. I bought Moo3, I was very excited, but I couldn't get into it. The stupidest reason: too much blue. It looked horrible. I told you it was a stupid reason. I still have it and hope to one day sit down, more open minded, and play it. Also, I think the music for Moo2 is one of the best (if not the best) pieces of music I've heard in any game.

I am glad this topic exists. Nothing cooler, for me, than playing a good 4x game on the computer. That would even beat RP games, though not IF.

Other good 4x games around. . .

There's "Galactic Civilizations" and "Space Empire" are both good stuff. The former has its website here and the latter can be found its website also.

There's a real time strategy game that I don't think has been mentioned, though I could be wrong:

Conquest: Frontier Wars, you can download a demo here

This is a simple game on its surface, and a bit of a Starcraft clone, to some. However, maybe it got my cousin and I at a good time, or who knows, but we love this game a lot.

It takes place in space. There are three races, Humans, one that you could remind you of the Protos and one that could remind you of the Zerg.

You have "heroes" who are Generals and give different bonus to your fleet.

The whole game is fleet oriented and you need to be careful with your supply line, or have supply ships always handy.

Give it a try if you want. I'm sure the game is cheap since it didn't sell that well.

I'm just going to have to play Nova, darn it. Too many people say it's good. I'm gonna download it now. (Done, and downloading the Pillars of Garendall just in case)

I've tried playing Imperium Galactica (II, I think) but lost patience. Anybody played it? Is it any good?

What is the first 4x or any other space game you played on the computer?


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Yeah, ya gotta do Nova. The storylines do all tend to make your character out to be an awfully special individual, but this allows you to progress to exploits of galactic significance, instead of being stuck as the mere cog that any ordinary ship captain could expect to be, in a universe of giant war fleets.

Like the previous EV installments, Nova is also slowly spawning a tribe of total conversion plug-ins. (Think 'Blades of EVNova'.) Much more slowly, because it is a formidably more complex engine, which permits quite decent graphics (albeit still 2D, apart from the rotating perspective views of ships). A massively detailed Star Trek version is nearing completion, and the gloriously chaotic Polycon plug-in has been out for a couple of years. A slew of other efforts are chugging along.

Pillars of Garendall is a bit of a mixed bag. On the whole I quite like it, because enough of it is different. Many of the monsters, and most of the plot, are odd and unfamiliar, at least to me. (I do have a pretty broad exposure to the fantasy genre, but I might also be easier to please than most.) On the other hand, you have to do an awful amount of trudging across the landscape -- there is nothing like the 'green tile' feature of GF. And PoG combat is extremely simplistic. It is not a deep game, it doesn't make you think, it doesn't stretch your brain. I find it somehow pleasant and relaxing, though, and I find its story entertaining in spite of myself.

There is also an active community of plug-in makers for PoG, and some of their products are quite good. They are hampered, however, by the fact that the Coldstone Game Engine has been withdrawn by Ambrosia, pending revisions for compatibility with Mac OS 10.3.

For a different kind of shareware game, can I recommend Pangea's Otto Matic? It's a first person shooter, but if you have any soft spot in your heart for the golden age of sci-fi, with robots, ray-guns, and brain aliens, you will have to love Otto.

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