What do people think..

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AuthorTopic: What do people think..
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Well, but isn't everyone Imban? So all know who ICEM is, for everyone is ICEM who also is Imban! So ICEM is everyone and Imban in the same person. Whew, that must be tough.

And now to the topic.
What's the topic again? Philosophy can really drain a person.
Ah yes, the only one to ever see me playing a Spidweb game (or any game for that matter) are my parents and my fiancee. Parents don't care much for games and she bought me Geneforge 4 just so that she'd have a few hours peace IMAGE(smile.gif) . Hehe, just kidding, but she really did buy it for me and she said they're all nice. So I've been having only the positive experience with the people's reactions to the games!

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I never understood this, in the context of whether it's figurative or literal.
Well, but isn't everyone Imban?
Maybe, but I'm not Imban.

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Was it a coincidence that you happened to mention Xenosaga and your cat-eared maid in the sentence?

Subtle hint?
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