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Originally written by Why I Am So Prone to Outbursts:

12. Is it? While most members don't trumpet their religions, I'm aware of only four Jews among the more active members. That's really not so many. Why is Spiderweb so popular among the Finns?
Depends on how you look at it. I can think of six members who are, in my opinion and if I remember correctly, somehow Jewish. There's yourself, Randomizer, Drakefyre, Zeviz, Infernal (the cool one), and Thralni.

I can think of four known or suspected Finns. TGM, Riibu, Curio (or was that only on Polaris? If he was, he was before my time) and Redstart.

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Originally written by Kelandon
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Those are good. They elevate us from the rest of the rabble. :cool:

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Originally written by Calphrexo:

I can think of four known or suspected Finns. TGM, Riibu, Curio (or was that only on Polaris? If he was, he was before my time) and Redstart.
There's also Smoo. I think. I'm pretty sure he's Finnish.

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I'm Jewish.

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You get holiday threads that bring out members of different religions to inflate their post counts. That's when you see most of the Jewish members appear or when Infernal starts another flaming thread to get support for Israel (although the last one didn't get much notice),

There are a few more minor cults working to become religions, like the cult of the Nine Headed Cow and for Cthulu.
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Smoo's definitely Finnish. Some other Finns are (at least the postlier ones) Wizard and Frozen Feet. Mr. Weed should also be Finnish, but I won't swear on that. And also, a bunch of names who've only posted a few times, or long ago.

I give 5 stars to any Finns I find. Just because. :P

EDIT: How could I forget dear, dear Otus (whom I never actually particularly liked much)? :(

(EDIT: ... Oh yeah, Milu's Finnish too...)

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Adam Sandler gives the list of Jews. Some of whom converted, but that's cool too.

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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4: Whats this "cult" I keep hearing about and why is everyone so idiotic about it?
All you ever wanted to know about RW cult and some things you didn't:;f=13;t=000160

5: What happened to Richard White (I mean what happened to him in real life)
Somebody had asked Jeff about a year ago and he replied that he hadn't heard from RW in a long time, but the checks he sends with his portion of game registration profits still get cashed. (That might be what gave rise to jokes about Swiss bank accounts.)

8: Whats the cult of Dikiyoba?
It's an organization similar to the cult of Richard White, but much more secretive.

9: Really, why is there such horror over swiss bank accounts??
I haven't heard of this one, but I am guessing it's another inside joke, possibly related to RW cult, or to forum admins.

10: Why is IFM so often considered to be Ed and why is he still around?
Ed's name became synonymous with a mentally unstable spammer, so it's now used as an insult against people whose excessive posting is disliked.

12: Why is Spiderweb so popular with Jews or at least goes as far as the Jewish nation?
It actually isn't. I've counted at some point and the proportion of Jews on Spidweb (about 5%) is the same as the proportion in overall American population. (The way I counted is by counting the number of Jews replying to some "happy whatever Jewish holiday it was" topic and dividing it by total number of active posters that month.)

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I think we tried to find Richard White once, and we found a person in New Zealand by that name who was, like, a plumber or something.
Why pick on my country? :P

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It is impossibly beautiful in parts?
And Finns have a long and honourable tradition of infesting Spidweb, dating back to the now transcendent Arctic who still feasts on invisible newbies.

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Originally written by Zeviz:

All you ever wanted to know about RW cult and some things you didn't:

Wow, there it is. RW is a Welsh martyr.

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