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If you have a slight case of a variation of autism, maybe Spiderweb forums isn't the best outlet for your creative energy. Very few here have much tolerance for the type of posts you make. Most do not and will not care why you're annoying, they just find you annoying.

Not saying you should leave, just that you need to stop expecting everyone else to lower their standards just for you. Take the heat in silence and there will be a lot less heat aimed your way.

And complaning repeatedly in more then one thread about the same thing is whining even if there's no high-pitched voice to go with it.

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Originally written by Delicious Vlish:

Get over it.
I am still secretly miffed about being a hobnailed snail.

It goes back to Slarty cartoon series when he didn't want to hunt for better graphics.
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Actually, since this a fairly entertaining exercise, I'd like to try it with another community I keep in contact with. If you're fine with it, Degei, may I get a blank (Or enlarged and blank, if that's what you're using) card from you please? It's a shame that I'm too new to pip up on this, although I have been "around" for a couple of years now in theory.

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Actually, I took images from Slarty vs. Desk first, and only went to google when there was nothing there.

The cards are prepared directly from a database, so I don't have a blank one. Of course you can make your own using these as a template. I fussed around with the layout a bit, but there's nothing special about 'em really.

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What do the color codes (both the frames and the red member numbers) mean?

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The frame colors should become mostly clear in round 2 when the remaining 2 frame colors make their appearance.

As for the number colors those have already been guessed: the account number is red if it isn't that person's original account. Purple describes the Silent Assassin's situation.

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So far, borders are white for normal people, cyan for moderators, and pink for ex-moderators.
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Do you mean Asperger's Syndrome, IFM? That's not really an excuse. I'm an aspie too, as are some other popular, regularly-contributing members of the community. The world won't go too far out of its way to accommodate you, even if public schools will, so you either have to adjust and find coping mechanisms, or change the way neurotypicals think. I assure you that the latter is far more difficult than the former, at least for higher-functioning autists, and in any case whining will not change anyone in your favor.

By the way, there are online communities of autists and aspies, but they generally don't appreciate whining either. I could point you to some if you're interested and willing to try to grow up a little.

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Originally written by Imban:

So far, borders are white for normal people, cyan for moderators, and pink for ex-moderators.
Pink for ex-admins, too, although Zeviz is an ex-mod too. Are there any other ex-admins? Alec doesn't count despite his title.

—Alorael, who questions the neuronormative attitude taken here. The fact that no one else has brought up their disorders doesn't mean they're not present.
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