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Does any know of a good book that teaches Java programming? I'm currently taking a class on it and the teacher doesn't teach us anything and the book we have to use sucks.

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You could ask the teacher for help (unless it is one of those "I will whip you" schools).

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Check out "Head First into Java"

It explains things really well at the basic level. It doesn't cover Java 5 unless they've released a new copy. It doesn't cover J2EE.

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Is this your first programming course? I had a rather good prof for my introductory computing course (you'd have to be good if you're the vice dean), so I didn't buy the textbook. Supposedly, it's decent:

Introduction to Programming Using Java: An Object Oriented Approach, 2nd Edition, by Arnow/Dexter/Weiss. Pearson Education, 2003 ISBN 0-321-20006-3

Additionally, there's this, which is more about OOP. Right now, I'm going through Just Java by Peter vanderLinden (the only reason I'm using it is because I'm cheap and it's a hand-me-down from my brother-in-law - it's fairly old). However, it mostly deals with OOP, how Java is different from C++, and other things like threads, Swing, JDBC, and applets. There's very little introductory "this is how you program" material.

I'd recommend going to your municipal library if you have one and just paging through the books you have there before making a purchase.

EDIT: What Micawber said. The O'Reilly books are great if you can afford them.

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Originally written by Infernal Flamming Muffin:

(unless it is one of those "I will whip you" schools).
I just envisioned a whole category of schools with this quote emblazoned on the front entrance with devils on either side. :P

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I tend to recommend O'Reilly books. The best one is "Java in a nutshell".

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