Who still plays the Exile Trilogy & Why

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AuthorTopic: Who still plays the Exile Trilogy & Why
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I first found Exile when I downloaded an early version of Realmz. Fantasoft was distributing Exile at the time, so it was sort of thrown in to the stuffit archive.

And I'll heartily second everything Robinator said about Exile II. Hear hear.

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I think I got my first Exile game the same way Slarty did. Realmz sucked! Exile was so much better.

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I got Exile on an old MacWorld CD.

Now I'm replaying Exile III thanks to my handy dandy emulator and I love it!

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I remember finding Exile 1 on some AOL recommended games list. Later I found the original version or a MacCube CD (along with other awesome games). Good times.

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I'll agree that Exile 3 was probably the best ever Spiderweb game. I certainly put more time into that than any other game I've played, period.

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I first found Exile on a random shareware CD, but I first heard of Exile from an acquaintance.

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Why even put the demos out on a CD? Just advertise the game and the link to this site. People will see how we talk about the games and wonder what the fuss is about. They will download the demo and if they like it, buy the game. I know it's a bit more complicated than that but this is simplified. :D

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Originally written by Arch-Mage Solberg:

Why even put the demos out on a CD? Just advertise the game and the link to this site.
Because some people don't have internet access at home?

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I first found SW when I played extremely old (think v1.13ish) versions of Exile I and II. That led me to look them up on the intarweb, and soon enough I had found Exile III. I still play that one for nostalgic purposes, but my original Exile I and II with the horrific graphics got deleted in a crash, which made me sad :( . I liked those old-school graphics.
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As someone else here mentioned, Exile 1 was perhaps the most memorable game I played on the Mac. I then purchased the entire series for Windows, and must have spent a year playing them.

Exile 2 was by far my favourite.

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