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AuthorTopic: Hoax?
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Magic, of course.

—Alorael, who has found that magic eyes are much easier to see when you're extremely tired. There's nothing like being unable to focus your eyes to make you, well, unfocus your eyes.
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I can see them!!!!
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I've seen them before, but only after looking at the answer. So I guess I cheated. I don't have the patience for such things though, so normally I don't try.

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Well, I guess so far I'm the only one who can only see them concave. I wonder what causes that anyway?

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You're not the only one, as 10 other people, including myself, said that we can it them both ways. As to how it works, it's explained in the link Alo gave to autostereograms.

More simply though, if I'm getting this right, in the regular use of your eyes you see two images, the one from your left eye and the one from your right eye. Normally, your eyes are angled such that the two images perfectly overlap so that it seems you are only recieving one image. However, the combination of two images coming from slightly different angles adds a perception of depth.

Magic eye images are made specially made of repeating patterns so that they can overlap in more ways than just the regular way. You see them concave when you cross your eyes slightly >< causing the angle from which you are getting your left image to move further right and your right image to move further left. You see them convex when you shift the angles the other way <>. Magic eye images are designed so that there is an image that is split up into bits and shifting the angle you view it puts the bits back together. Since the magic eye images are designed for the <> method to make them pop towards you, doing the opposite causes them to pop away from you.

An example anyone can do is to hold up one finger directly in front of your face at arms length and hold up one finger on your other hand at about 8 inches from your face. When you are focused on the near finger, out of focus in the background, your other finger appears to have split into the two separate images. The trick is to keep the focus and angle of your eyes on the near finger even when looking at the far one.

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I believe retinal disparity is the term for the process that the Magic Eye style images take advantage of in order to create that effect. When objects are close to you, like under 5 feet, the differences between the images of the object sent to the brain by either retina are great enough to be noticeable. The brain then interprets these differences to determine the distance between you and the object.

Retinal disparity is also used to refer to the measure of difference between those retinal images from either eye. Since this disparity decreases dramatically over distance to the point where the brain cannot detect the differences, the brain uses other methods to judge distance when the objects are further away.

Magic Eye software interpolates two images, each taken from different positions to mimic the fact that there is a distance between your eyes. When you cross your eyes in the right way, one eye will see the original image of one camera while the other will see that of the other camera. Then the brain will interpret these as a three dimensional image. The other major key to this is that the software must ensure that there are enough similarities between what the each eye sees so that the brain will interpret the content of the different images sent to it from each eye as the same object.

EDIT: Because retinal disparity is not used for the perception of large distances, Magic Eye images have a practical limit of depth. In a general analogy, if you cannot construct the desired effect on a cardboard stand in real life, then a Magic Eye image cannot emulate such an effect.

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