Happy Thanksgiving Day

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AuthorTopic: Happy Thanksgiving Day
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I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving food. I like potatoes just about every conceivable way, especially mashed, but turkey doesn't appeal to me, stuffing is in no way appetizing, cranberries are better in non-gelatinous forms, and squash is a verb, not a food. It's a holiday for the company, not the binging.

—Alorael, who is thankful for a family that is mostly about as oblivious to football (of all varieties) as he is. For once it was the sports enthusiasts who were exiled to their own room so that important matters could be discussed. Highlights include sibling rivalry that required an encyclopedia and practical demonstrations of how to derive from fundamental principles the proper order for washing the dishes.
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Originally written by Lichen envelops monolith by UFO:

—Alorael, who is thankful for a family that is mostly about as oblivious to football (of all varieties) as he is.
Same here. Regrettably, my roommate for this year is obsessed with the game on all levels, so the TV in our suite's room is on ESPN about 80% of the time.

Oh, and turkey can be very, very good... there just needs to be appropriate seasoning. My family has had great success with brining the bird for a few years now.

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Ham > Chicken > Turkey. It's not that I don't like turkey; it's just that I get ham so little that it's a delicacy, and I have a thing for heavily seasoned chicken roasts.

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I live on a farm so I am constantly eating most types of meat. Over here though I only eat turkey once a year and that's at Thanksgiving dinner with my American friends. So yea, I like it because it's a once in a year thing. Turkey jerkey however, sucks no matter what time of the year you eat it.
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-X-'s parents are obsessed with only one team: Ohio State. :cool:

-X- never eats turkey. He is a vegetarian. At least, as often as possible. He doesn't skip dinner just because the restraunt has a meat sauce on his food.

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Originally written by -X-:

-X-'s parents are obsessed with only one team: Ohio State. :cool:

-Calmly, very calmly, puts away the dagger that reflexively snaps out against OSU fans-

You don't know obsessed until you live an hour from OSU. Or have a roommate from Columbus. Or worse, two hallmates from Detroit.

A late Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Break was good, the drive was hell... and Ohio is still the same old rotten Ohio.

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Thanksgiving in Afghanistan was grand.

It's winter here. Got snow yesterday all day.

Glad to see the bleeding heart thanksgiving debate has been nuetralized.

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