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Speaking of computer problems, one has just recently developed for me. It has started randomly shutting down more frequently.
I just upgraded the BIOS, but the Microsoft auto-report thing couldn't tell me what was wrong with my computer.
Why did this just start happening when I'm writing my huge English project? Time for the Flash drive.

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Originally written by Ghouloca:

I know what that's like. I had a problem with a program not too long ago, can't remember it's name, but all of a sudden, I notice that my whole computer is slowing down. (I'm using this term loosely; my computer can't get much slower.) I open task manager, only to find out that this program had already drained 100 MB of memory and was STILL burning up more memory. I had 5 MB of free RAM when I finally managed to shut the thing down. That said, I never under-estimated the power of virtual memory again.
Are you sure you're not thinking of Avernum 4? I had that problem until I stopped playing it. Although now I believe it has been fixed.

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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Originally by Jumpin' Salmon:

I had that problem until I stopped playing it.
Well, that's one solution that's guaranteed to work, Dikiyoba supposes.
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Has anyone else ever had problems with dumprep.exe? It is apparently the process that brings up the "Do you want to report this problem to Microsoft" box when you have to untidily close a program. Every now and then, my desktop will slow to a halt just after I do that. I'll open Task Manager and see that dumprep.exe is taking up a few hundred MB of RAM.

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Has anyone else ever had problems with dumprep.exe?
xp-antispy gets rid of that for you.

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