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I've had to install RealPlayer, get an update for Windows Media, and with my Quicktime still can't access all media types. The fracturing of standards will lead to more files that will never be opened after the next round of upgrades.
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Damn I hate Quickplayer, Winamp rules!!

Firefox supporting testimony:
Last day I was trying to download a KMFDM wallpaper but with that mean IE6 i was unable, he is BAD, but then I installed Firefox and I COULD DOWNLOAD THE WALLPAPER!!!

Damn man this thing is really fast for download, about 100kbps!!(for me that is being in heaven¬¬ :eek: )

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I guess I'm lucky. Between Musicmatch Jukebox and Windows Media Player, I've never had to use RealPlayer or had any difficulty playing any music files.

Then again, Dikiyoba doesn't do too much with music files. In fact, Musicmatch is slightly annoying in that it has features that Dikiyoba never uses but that Musicmatch thinks it should be using.
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Media Player Classic can obtian pluggins to play pretty much any video file including RM files. Bloody handy.
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