Professional Wrestling (WWE)

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AuthorTopic: Professional Wrestling (WWE)
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Anyone but me watch this? Yes, it's ****, but it's also entertaining, and gives me some laughs. Randy Orton <3

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Here in Italy there is "SmackDown!". Actually, is very comic: I watch it when I can.

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Anyone in there right mind watches SmackDown!. King Booker makes the world go around.

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I watch it because I have nothing else to do. Plus, it's free comedy.


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I used to watch WWF, back when Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac and Road Dogg ruled teh roost.

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Meh... wrestling has never interested me. I rather dislike watching people beat each other senseless, even if it's fake.

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What Ephesos said.

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DX is back!!

HHH and HBK :D

And are they giving the boss and the stupid squad oops... spirit squad a little hard time. :P


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It irritates me to point it no longer seems like a joke.

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It used to be a guilty pleasure, back in the WWF days when most wrestlers were ridiculous, over-the-top personalities with crazy costumes and such. Nowadays when I happen to click over to a wrestling match the wrestlers are always these boring, short-haired (or bald), stiffs with no personality whatsoever. Completely pointless.


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Cartoon violence. Done better by Bugs Bunny and company without the pointless sexualizing and mature language. What dreck.

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Wrestling is way too unrealistic for me. I seriously doubt that anyone in the world could fight for over half hour, non-stop. If I'm in the mood for some real violence, I tune into UFC.

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