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Thieve's World, an old but great series, has for the last few years been begun again. Does anyone else here read the Thieve's World stories?

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Who's it by?

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Edited by Robert Asprin & Lynn Abbey (Original) and Lynn Abbey (New)

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I've never heard of it. Could you describe it a bit?

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I read it when it first started. It had a great idea of getting various writers to make stories for a shared universe (city - Sanctuary). The writers exchanged ideas and backstory information to go with the history from Robert Asprin. Kind of like scenarios for BoE or BoA.

Then Lynn Abbey got involved and the main storyline went downhill. The original writers left and/or wrote their own books to get away from the coming disaster. By the time the first series stopped it was only concerned with the Wizard War. The idea that writers wouldn't make major changes to other writer's characters went away. I hated the end and haven't tried the new series. I like the writers but don't like the plot line.

Janet Morris wrote 3 novels to take some characters north from Sanctuary and define her world view. The last few antholgies read like a novel with each writer getting a different chapter. Everything was integrated and anyone writing was forced into the storyline.

The first 4 anthologies were the best. The first is the one to read before the concept failed.

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Originally written by Thuryl:

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Good link, actually.

I read a few of the early Thieves' World books, and liked them, but I guess I must have agreed that the series went downhill, because I stopped following at some point. I think TW was the first of the 'shared world' series that became a sort of fashion for a while in the late 80's and early 90's. The other one that I remember best is Merovingen Nights, presided over by C.J. Cherryh. It wandered a fair bit in the middle, but it's the only example in Cherryh's work where her typical sudden, violent ending actually makes sense. Apparently it takes her twenty volumes to reach a real climax, as opposed to the fake ones that wrap up her shorter series.

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