The Boy From the Bush is Back in Town

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AuthorTopic: The Boy From the Bush is Back in Town
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Originally written by ASH LorAEL:

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Originally written by Imban:

tGM, on the other hand, has stated multiple times that he doesn't want to come back to the boards.It is likely that his ban would expire if he really wished to return, though .
As Thuryl has kindly bothered to inform us multiple times: in contrary to popular believe TGM is not banned. He just doesn't want to come back to the boards. Thus to prove my case: here is his profile.
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However, profiles don't reflect banned status. When Ash was banned, his title stayed the same. I'm not saying that applies to TGM, only that we can't tell in general. I do agree; I think TGM's ban expired a while ago.

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wz: The Mister has asked for you to be informed that permanent IP bans don't expire.

And, this is just my opinion, Ash's title was not changed when Jeff banned him because Jeff banned him. When Drakey or Stareye whip out the ban stick, they change the title. Jeff obviously doesn't.

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Marlenny - that's one of his many profiles. Some have the BANNED title, some do not. He really is banned.

And Spring, that's absolutely right.

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Yeah, I was going to say. One of his many profiles. He had like 13 accounts or something, totaling >3000 posts, but none of his accounts ever hit 1100.

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