If you had to pick...

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AuthorTopic: If you had to pick...
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Dish? My Grandmother's chili, there is nothing better.

Animal? Cats, I do worship them afterall.

Actor? Patrick Stewart of course. As to why exactly, I will not say.

Fictional Character? I am (or was) Commodore Redmark. You do the math.

Position? Why would anyone want to know this? As a matter-of-a-fact, why does anyone want to know any of this?

It is to be noted, that I also worship Erika. My holy book tells me she will return, so I wait faithfully.

"Yeah-- you're right. You christians are far too persecuted nowadays. I mean it. We really should stop feeding you to the lions." --TM

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Did you just make up your own questions?

Edit: I did not know

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You're allowed to do that, you know. :P

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I like my topics to be something other than linear in nature. More stream of consciousness than anything else, since salmon like streams.

Because they are fish.

(Fish live in streams)

Also, so far no one has said their favorite chore, childhood fantasy job, or ocean. With so many things left to be favoritized, I see no end to this.

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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