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Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon:

I found his lack of fear decidedly refreshing and un-American.

Yet another reason to choose Australia/New Zealand for a vacation.

Easy loot, eh? Just keep in mind that no one will notice if an American goes missing. :P

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Last thing you ate: human *evil grin*
What you're wearing right now: sweat pants and the top from my halloween costume, which was a ranger
Describe the room you are in: fabric is everywhere, two sewing machines, and the computer

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Last thing you ate:Culvers roast beef sandwich, wild cherry pepsi, and chocolate chip cookie.
What you're wearing right now:Beige Faded Glory clasic fit stretch jeans, purple white and black horizontally striped short sleeve knit top, black suede high-top shoes and misc. needed accessories and undergarments
Describe the room you are in:green walls, beige carpet, office furniture, lots of messy misc.

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Last thing I ate: #9 from Taco Bell.
Currently wearing: Tan Dickie's shorts, Element t-shirt, Traditiona clothing track-jacket, Zildjian trucker hat, black Adidas shoes.
The room I'm in: The "living room", complete with a piano, 3 guitars, a couch, 2 chairs, a stereo system, several sets of shelves full of books and such, and this computer. Some flowery design on the carpet, with off-white painted walls and ceiling. Needs to be cleaned.

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Last thing you ate: Pizza
What you're wearing right now: St. Louis Cardinals shirt, dark cargo pants.
Describe the room you are in: Standard 2-person dorm room, complete with two fluorescent lights, lava lamp, tie-dyed sheets (I kid you not), a couple of plants, and one well-used iBook. Further description would be even more boring than it's already become.

(Honestly, if it was anywhere other than here, the "what you're wearing question would be infinitely creepy". Here, it's finitely creepy.)

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Last thing you ate: Pizza from the local cafe.
What you're wearing right now: Jeans and a blue sweatshirt. And a brown undershirt.
Describe the room you are in: My living room with two elk heads, a TV with no reception, and a plywood pool table I got for Christmas. And a few chairs and lamps and white paint and so on.

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Last thing you ate: A chocolate digestive biscuit. The crumbs got absolutely everywhere. Including floating around the bottom of my coffee mug.

What you're wearing right now: Okay, from the top down...

- Blue, white and red striped woolly hat.
- Blue shirt, open (both down the fron and at the sleeves)
- Black Radiohead t-shirt
- Black fingerless gloves
- Black boxers
- Blue jeans
- Blue woolly socks

Describe the room you are in: Oh, it's my bedroom. There are three computers, three beds, one tv, a dvd player, rows of books/CDs/DVDs, lots of clothes, and most importantly, coffee. Oh! And my Morrissey montage, which covers a wall, and my huge Che Guevara Flag!

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