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Originally written by Scumble:

A4 includes one entirely optional wolf who follows you briefly.
It would've been nice to see Nature Lore allow this sort of thing more often, but that would probably end up making a very Geneforge-ish army.

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What, it isn't enough of a perk that Nature Lore makes wandering monsters non-hostile so you can pick them off one at a time and harvest their skins at your leisure?

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Originally written by The Forgotten:

Ah come on Homeland isn't that bad. It held my interest for a WHOLE 30 minutes.
I actually played the whole thing. I kept telling myself it had to get better, but it never did.

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When I tried to play Homeland, I noticed that there were scissors on my desk. I considered playing Homeland further or giving myself minor flesh wounds with a stainless steel implement. This was a serious consideration, and it drove home the fact that Homeland is a bad thing.

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Off-topic, but I really, really want an "assassinate" program along with the standard virus-scan, firewall, spam-blocking protect-your-computer programs. Anytime there was an annoying pop-up or an unwanted program that was bugging me, I want to send an assassin to hunt it down and wipe it out. It really bugs me that the only thing exhibiting virus-like behavior are unwanted virus-protection programs and that my computer came with dozens of unwanted programs already installed, several of which refuse to die without serious time and effort on my part. I want to type in the program and hit the "assassinate" button and be done with it. Complete lord of my computer!

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