The Worst Game Ever

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AuthorTopic: The Worst Game Ever
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Oh yeah, how could I forget? The music in Myst and Riven is just, brilliant. There's a reason Riven actually bugs you about getting your speakers and monitor tuned right when you first start the game.

Does anyone remember the Myst Mechanical Age theme music? It plays when you have the Mechanical Age book open. The animation and music fitted together, just, awesomely.

Apparently still annoying.
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A question for those who despise Myst: have you perchance played Secret of Monkey Island or any of the other SCUMM point and click games? Do you dislike those as well?
No, I only despise the Myst Series. I don't mind other point and click adventure games. The only thing I don't really like about other point and click adventure games is the lack of replayability.

But the best thing is the little details. In Riven there is moths that you can click on for them to fly away. In Myst you open a box and find a decapitated head inside that really serves no point exept to express the storyline.
There are somwhat similar things in Half-Life 2. Like news articles on the wall showing some of the back story.

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I finally got around to playing Counter-Strike after watching people play it for three years. It's like really good and really bad at the same time. If you are in a good location, know what you are doing, have no computer problems, have an interesting group of people playing with you, and aren't getting slaughtered, it's excellent. If you are always lost, have computer issues, people aren't being funny, and get killed all the time, it's really, really boring and frustrating.

I personally find almost any good game replayable. I must have played A2 to the end at least two dozen times and it never gets old. You just have to be creative-all four characters have a fascinating back story, a reason for their specialized roles, and a reason to have gotten together. Sometimes it involves a demon with magical powers, er, I mean, the character editor, and the fall-out from that. Haven't played it for a while, but that's starting to sound like a really good idea...

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We used to have the Myst soundtrack. Unfortunately, it was one of the many CDs that got stolen when my brother's house was broken into, and I haven't seen it elsewhere around town -- not that I've been looking all that hard. The Riven soundtrack is also very, very nice.
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